11 Scariest Disease Outbreaks In Movies

Friday, September 9 by

6.) Splinter

This mutant disease not only causes needles to poke out of your skin, but it also messes with your body after you die. I don’t want my body walking around after I’m gone and fusing with other bodies like some kind of gross Voltron. I’d much prefer a disease that keeps me down.

5.) Carriers

This disease seems like one that will put you out more than any other on the list. Everyone is distrustful, people shoot at you, there’s no gas which means a lot of walking, you have to wear a mask all the time, and your skin gets all bloody. Eff you, pandemic!

4.) Blindness

Imagine suddenly finding yourself inexplicably blinded. After groping your way outside, you learn that you’re not the only one and scientists have no explanation as to why it’s happening. That would suck. You’d have to relearn how to do everything and never know if you’re in a dangerous situation. Worst yet, you’ll never see the results of T’Shea’s fabulous makeover. (NOTE: In this scenario, you were watching Tyra when blinded.)

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