11 Scariest Disease Outbreaks In Movies

Friday, September 9 by

9. I Am Legend

An attempt to cure cancer transforms the world population into vampire-like shitheads who can’t have anything nice. Oops. But look on the bright side, no more cancer.

8.) The Signal

Telecommunication devices like televisions, radios, and phones emit a mysterious signal that amplifies people’s most negative traits, in most cases causing them to behave violently. Or gropey. It’s like living in one big mosh pit. That would be so terrible. I don’t know that it would effect me in that way but I would definitely talk with my mouth full and interrupt people while they’re telling stories, and that’s no way to live.

7.) The Crazies

A chemical spill poisons the water supply of a small Midwestern town causing its residents to go on murder sprees. After that, their veins pop out of their skin while their eyes jaundice over. Again, let’s get a tighter lock down on these chemicals.

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