Believe it or not, I hate getting sick. Whether caused by eating something that didn't agree with me or catching a cold from sleeping with the air conditioner on, I don't like it. However, neither of those illnesses seem that bad when compared to turning into a zombie or randomly going blind. The whole "being able to walk away from bullet wounds" thing is cool, and so is having a guide dog. But besides that, being blind or a zombie or a blind zombie is just a suckfest.

Though disease will claim us all someday (either that or runaway trucks), there's no way we'll have it as bad as the disease victims on this list. Let's just be thankful that these don't exist.... yet.

11.) REC / Quarantine

Though very scary, REC (and it's American remake, Quarantine) find themselves in the last slot because of their implausibility. A lady reporter and her crew ride along with a group of first responders investigating a bizarre disturbance in an apartment building. It isn't long before everyone is running around rabid and tearing each other to pieces. Like on Jersey Shore.

10.) 28 Days Later

When a Rage Virus escapes from a lab (not sure why they were making that) and sweeps through England, very few uninfected are left behind. However, those that are still around are angry, blood-barfing spazzoids. So, yes, it's a lot like London after the pubs close.

9. I Am Legend

An attempt to cure cancer transforms the world population into vampire-like shitheads who can't have anything nice. Oops. But look on the bright side, no more cancer.

8.) The Signal

Telecommunication devices like televisions, radios, and phones emit a mysterious signal that amplifies people's most negative traits, in most cases causing them to behave violently. Or gropey. It's like living in one big mosh pit. That would be so terrible. I don't know that it would effect me in that way but I would definitely talk with my mouth full and interrupt people while they're telling stories, and that's no way to live.

7.) The Crazies

A chemical spill poisons the water supply of a small Midwestern town causing its residents to go on murder sprees. After that, their veins pop out of their skin while their eyes jaundice over. Again, let's get a tighter lock down on these chemicals.

6.) Splinter

This mutant disease not only causes needles to poke out of your skin, but it also messes with your body after you die. I don't want my body walking around after I'm gone and fusing with other bodies like some kind of gross Voltron. I'd much prefer a disease that keeps me down.

5.) Carriers

This disease seems like one that will put you out more than any other on the list. Everyone is distrustful, people shoot at you, there's no gas which means a lot of walking, you have to wear a mask all the time, and your skin gets all bloody. Eff you, pandemic!

4.) Blindness

Imagine suddenly finding yourself inexplicably blinded. After groping your way outside, you learn that you're not the only one and scientists have no explanation as to why it's happening. That would suck. You'd have to relearn how to do everything and never know if you're in a dangerous situation. Worst yet, you'll never see the results of T'Shea's fabulous makeover. (NOTE: In this scenario, you were watching Tyra when blinded.)

3.) Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever squeaks out in front of Blindness because I'd much rather go blind than fall victim to an aggressive flesh-eating disease. At least when you're blind you can still use an ATM and own a dog. When it comes to flesh-eating diseases, you're pretty much screwed and just counting down the days until you accidentally shave your face off or burst into a red puddle by walking into an non-air conditioned room.

2.) 12 Monkeys

A fanatical scientist releases a virus that all but wipes out the world's population, forcing survivors to live underground. Do you know how bad underground sucks? It sucks. There's no natural light and the farting problem is just horrific.

1.) Outbreak

Outbreak wins the top spot because it could so totally happen. In real life, the Motaba virus was quickly dealt with after popping up in Zaire. However, in the film, all of North America began bleeding from their mouths, eyes, ears, and assholes after Patrick Dempsey smuggled a disease-carrying monkey into the United States. Let that be a lesson to all of us. Monkeys are awesome and we all want one, but they're also dirty little disease factories. Much like strippers.