11 Scariest Disease Outbreaks In Movies

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Gwyneth reacts to seeing her 'Glee' performance. 

Believe it or not, I hate getting sick. Whether caused by eating something that didn’t agree with me or catching a cold from sleeping with the air conditioner on, I don’t like it. However, neither of those illnesses seem that bad when compared to turning into a zombie or randomly going blind. The whole “being able to walk away from bullet wounds” thing is cool, and so is having a guide dog. But besides that, being blind or a zombie or a blind zombie is just a suckfest.

Though disease will claim us all someday (either that or runaway trucks), there’s no way we’ll have it as bad as the disease victims on this list. Let’s just be thankful that these don’t exist…. yet.

11.) REC / Quarantine

Though very scary, REC (and it’s American remake, Quarantine) find themselves in the last slot because of their implausibility. A lady reporter and her crew ride along with a group of first responders investigating a bizarre disturbance in an apartment building. It isn’t long before everyone is running around rabid and tearing each other to pieces. Like on Jersey Shore.

10.) 28 Days Later

When a Rage Virus escapes from a lab (not sure why they were making that) and sweeps through England, very few uninfected are left behind. However, those that are still around are angry, blood-barfing spazzoids. So, yes, it’s a lot like London after the pubs close.

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