11 Robot Fights We’d Pay To See

Thursday, October 6 by

Robocop vs T-1000

I’m not saying that this would be easy, and it might have to go into multiple rounds but Robocop would emerge the victor when pitted against the T-1000. One of the T-1000’s strongest attributes is its cloaking abilities. Even if it were to disguise itself as Lewis, that would fail to deceive Robocop as he’d be able to detect an absence of a heartbeat. Robo also has a proven track record when fighting other robots. He’s toppled ED-209, Cain, and robot ninjas. T-1000 was defeated by antiquated Terminator model. Although there was human interference.


Johnny Five vs Chopping Mall Robots

It wouldn’t be the first time Johnny 5 has taken on a squad of killer robots and emerged the winner. However, those robots weren’t nearly as bloodthirsty as the machines in Chopping Mall. 5 might find himself at a disadvantage having uninstalled his laser. It really comes down to his ingenuity and how intensely he studied and memorized Die Hard.

ADVANTAGE: Johnny 5.

Bishop vs Data

Assuming that we are talking about Data before he installed Dr. Soong’s emotion chip, he would easily take this match. He’s cold, and Bishop cares too much.


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