11 Robot Fights We’d Pay To See

Thursday, October 6 by

R2D2 vs Marvin the Paranoid Android

Marvin’s attitude just sucks whereas R2D2 is ready to get into the thick of battle anytime. No matter the circumstances. Plus, Marvin’s Point of View gun would be useless against a droid as they are not capable of depression.


Maschinenmensch vs The Enforcer Drone

The Maschinenmensch is made of sturdier stock than the Enforcer Drone from Spaced Invaders. Though it is a formidable opponent, it can easily be defeated with a stick of dynamite. It’s best to lure it into an explosive trap than to try to take it on one-on-one.

ADVANTAGE: Maschinenmensch.

Dot Matrix vs Fembots

This one comes down to venue. Should the fight take place at a Chippendale’s show, Dot Matrix will win. The Fembots aren’t programmed to resist raw male sexuality and it causes them to glitch and explode when exposed to it. Dot Matrix however, is programmed to protect Princess Vespa’s virginity at all costs and not susceptible to such charms.

ADVANTAGE: Dot Matrix.

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