11 Robot Fights We’d Pay To See

Thursday, October 6 by

Real Steel‘s heading into theaters this weekend, so moviegoers are getting really excited to watch robots clobber the sh*t out of one another. I think we can all agree that this is the most worthwhile application of robotics.

But Real Steel aside, Wouldn’t it be great to see a fight to the death between famous movie robots? We think so, and apparently so do our readers. We asked our Facebook fans the question, ‘If you could watch any two robots fight, which two would you choose?’ Below is a list of some of your responses and a few of our own. Go ahead and let us know your dream match ups.

Wall E vs Backlash

Wall E doesn’t have much of a chance here. Backlash’s spinning wheel could easily rip off his arms or tank treads, rendering him unable to escape or defend himself. His best chance for survival depends on whether he can find a way to get around to Backlash’s backside and flip him over.

ADVANTAGE:  Backlash.

ED-209 vs Gort

Gort was created with the most advanced form of nanotechnology in the galaxy. ED-209 packs a lot of fire power but is prone to programming errors and erratic behavior. This is exactly the type of aggression that sets Gort off. If ED-209 were to fire upon Gort (with or without warning) it would disassembled in a matter of seconds when Gort goes into defensive mode.


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