11 Cheesiest Movie Product Placements Of All Time

Tuesday, September 20 by

The Goonies

I was seven years old when I first saw The Goonies.  At that time, I had no idea that Baby Ruths existed. But, sweet holy-moley, did I want one when those credits rolled. They’re loaded with peanuts, chocolate, and gooey caramel, and are just the sweet treat you need to have on hand in the event that a deformed manchild attempts to rip your arms off.


This is one of the more classy product placements in film history because the item was worked into the script in a way that makes sense. When Elliot senses a strange presence in his shed, he lures the alien creature with Reese’s Pieces. It makes sense because they are delicious and what inhabitant of the universe wouldn’t want one? Especially baked into a cookie or mixed into a hot fudge sundae. Mmmmmm. I think my dick just moved.

Blade: Trinity

In an attempt to appeal to younger audiences, Blade Trinity introduces hip, young characters played by Jessica Biel and Ryan Reynolds. Everybody knows that hip, young characters need to have their MP3s. That’s why a few solid minutes of screen time are dedicated to explaining what “iPods” and “playlists” are before showing Biel rocking out to the trip-hop while hunting vampires. Because when you’r fighting vicious creatures who possess super-strength and speed, you definitely don’t want to have all of your senses available. Sometimes you really just need to hear Puddle of Mudd.

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