11 Cheesiest Movie Product Placements Of All Time

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Now bite it and smile, monkey. 

Movies can be expensive. The actors, the locations, all those lights, and gigantic CGI robots can really add up. So, what is a working schlub movie studio to do? Product placement. Accept money from advertisers in trade for featuring their product within your film.

It’s easy and it totally works. Need more money for your legal thriller? No problem. Just make Will Smith drink a prominently featured Sprite during his monologue to the jury. Then have him comment how he “f*ckin’ LOOOOVES Sprite,” before returning to defending the sick children in the civil rights case. Cha-ching! You just bought yourself a crane shot. Or, you know, you could do it in a subtle way and hope nobody notices.

Here are eleven films that did not take the subtle route.

Mac and Me

If you haven’t seen Mac and Me, you need to lead a sadder life. Inspired by the success of E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial, Mac and Me tells the story of MAC (Mysterious Alien Creature), a young alien stuck on Earth after being separated from his family. He befriends a young boy and lives entirely off Coca-Cola and Skittles (just like me in college). Then there’s the “famous” McDonald’s scene where an impromptu dance-off happens for no reason other than the fact that there are some urban types around.

See for yourself. And look closely to see Jennifer Aniston in her first film role.

Demolition Man

In the future, all restaurants will be known as Taco Bell. That’s because Taco Bell won The Franchise Wars and claimed their supremacy over all over eating establishments.

Interesting fact: If you watch the film in Israeli, the restaurants are all called Pizza Hut. That’s because tacos are despised outside of the Americas.

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