11 Characters Who Could Replace Bruce Wayne As Batman In ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

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Harvey Dent

After years of fighting Batman as Two-Face, Harvey Dent got a shot at redemption when he filled in as Gotham‘s protector during DC Comic’s 52 storyline, while Batman traveled the world for a year to get his mojo back. Although Harvey didn’t wear the Bat-Costume then, he eventually appeared in the ridiculous costume pictured above to battle Dick Grayson. The story was kind of hard to follow, and the Two-Face/ Batman costume may have been a hallucination experienced by Grayson. Or maybe it was my hallucination. I should lay off the sauce.

Tim Drake

Tim Drake was the third Robin, and unlike Jason Todd, people like him. During the Battle For the Cowl storyline, where Bruce Wayne was presumed dead, Tim made a play at preserving the Batman legacy until the gun toting Jason Todd-Batman nearly killed him. I suppose Battle For the Cowl wouldn’t be a good storyline for filmmakers to pursue, given that most of the characters haven’t been introduced in any film version of Batman. Still, I will take any excuse to write at length about Batman minutia, so I thank you for your indulgence.

Batman Jones

Ah, Batman Jones! Along with Hula Hoop and the Red Scare, the late 50’s gave us the origin of this rarely mentioned character. Apparently, Batman saved a family when their car spun out of control, and the couple named their newborn son “Batman”. As he grew up, Batman Jones began dressing like his namesake, helping out around the neighborhood while riding his bike. Batman and Robin eventually steered him away from the dangers of crime fighting, however, and it is safe to say that no future movies will feature Batman Jones.

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