11 Characters Who Could Replace Bruce Wayne As Batman In ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

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Hugo Strange

Perhaps the creepiest fake Batman, Hugo Strange put on the costume after discovering Bruce Wayne’s secret identity. Strange has since occasionally impersonated Batman, often to frame him for crimes, but mostly because Hugo is the obsessed stalker type. He was a rumored candidate to appear in The Dark Knight Rises until it was confirmed that Bane would be the main villain, but Strange did get some Bat-exposure in the recent hit video game, Arkham City, as one of that game’s main antagonists.

Roy Kane

This unlucky, forgotten Batman’s only appearance was in the Blind Justice storyline from 1989. Roy met Batman the way most people do- because Bruce Wayne was trying to nail Roy’s sister. After Wayne was temporarily paralyzed, he had Roy fight crime in his stead, controlling his actions with the help of a bizarre remote mind control device. As you can see above, this all ended rather poorly for Roy. The three part story was actually pretty good, but rarely referred to afterwards for two reasons. First, it became redundant once the Knightfall Story saw print, and second, because it made Bruce Wayne look like a total tool.

Terry McGinnis

After the success of Batman: The Animated Series in the ’90’s, the creators were given the chance to launch an original Batman concept: Batman Beyond. Set decades in the future, an elderly Bruce Wayne recruits 19-year-old Terry McGinnis to replace him and carry on his war on crime. The series had a well deserved following, and Terry grew popular with fans, but it’s unlikely we’ll see him in a Bat film, unless the filmmakers decided to take on a more sci-fi bent.

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