11 Celebrities Who Have Been In Bar Brawls

Tuesday, October 18 by

Josh Brolin

Josh Brolin was arrested after he came to the defense of his W co-star Jeffrey Wright when a brawl broke out around the pair in a Louisiana bar. An eyewitness reported to have seen four squad cars and several bike cops, as well as a canine unit on the scene. In other words, Josh Brolin is rugged. It’s like that time the FBI had to be called in to kill Jason Vorhees.

Paz de la Huerta

Paz de la Huerta put the smack down on dead-in-the-eyes model Samantha Swetra at The Standard Hotel in New York.  Paz allegedly punched and threw a glass at Swetra after the duo quarreled  over who is more famous. Neither were nominated for this year’s Classiest Lady Award.

Shia LaBeouf

Vancouver wasn’t the first time that Turd-Stains got his ass kicked in public. LaBeouf also made headlines back in February when he got into it with a customer at a bar in LA. It’s alleged that the customer lobbed an insult Shia’s way causing the actor to lunge directly into the guy’s outstretched fist. Several times. Shia needs karate classes or something.

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