11 Celebrities Who Have Been In Bar Brawls

Tuesday, October 18 by

Shia LaBeouf’s stunt double was nowhere to be found last week in Vancouver when the Transformers star got his ass kicked outside of a bar. LaBeouf was repeatedly punched in the head before being held back by a friend who urged him to lay low. Which I take to mean, “You are losing this fight. Curl into a ball like an armadillo before your face gets messed up.”

Luckily there were cameras there so we can all enjoy the fisticuffs. Err, I mean, get well, Shia.

But he’s not the only star who has found it difficult to enjoy a night out without some random jerk taking a swing at them. In fact, I can think of eleven off the top of my head.

Channing Tatum

Some obsessive Fighting fans may have taken their love of the film too far when they tried to throw down with Channing Tatum at a club in Chicago. Reports vary on whether or not Tatum threw any punches in the huge fracas, but he did have to be ushered away by security. There was no word on what caused the altercation but speculation is that a mumbling Tatum grew frustrated when asked to repeat himself over and over again.

Sean Bean

Sean Bean not only proved his mettle, but he also proved that he is metal when he refused medical attention and returned inside for a drink after being stabbed in a fight this year outside a London pub. My theory is that he’s actually a Highlander.

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