11 Best Movies Within Movies

Thursday, March 1 by

Gandhi 2 (UHF)

When “Weird” Al is tasked with running a small television station, he puts his heart and soul into it, creating some of the most unique television ever filmed. The Gandhi by way of Death Wish parody, Gandhi 2, looks like a great viewing experience. If Machete could be made into its own trilogy, there’s no reason we can’t have a full-length version of this.

Choice Line: No more, Mr. Passive Resistance.

B Movie (The Iron Giant)

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With his mom away, The Iron Giant’s Hogarth geeks out with a scary, science fiction B movie featuring bad acting, bad writing, and bad special effects. And I mean that in the most loving of ways.

Choice Line: Darn. A perfectly good brain wasted.

Chubby Rain (Bowfinger)

Steve Martin‘s Bobby Bowfinger and his crew go to extreme lengths to produce the alien invasion movie, Chubby Rain. Stealing all of their shots of unknowing star Kit Ramsey on the fly, Bowfinger and crew are forced to manipulate situations in order to get the performance they need. The results could stand right next to some of Hollywood’s best

Choice Line: It had rained that day, but was it normal rain? Or chubby rain?

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