What do you do when you have a movie concept that's totally stupid and Brett Ratner's not available to direct it? You film a short scene from it and dub it satire by sticking it in the film you're currently working on. Over the years, Hollywood has had fun at its own expense by exaggerating the cliches and tropes for which it is well known.

Here are 11 movies from other movies that I would pay full price for.

Simple Jack (Tropic Thunder)

In the hopes of winning an Oscar, Tropic Thunder's Tugg Speedman goes a bit overboard in his portrayal of a mentally-retarded adult. Having not received the guidance of never going "full retard," he put it all out there and doomed his career in the process.

Choice Line: Goodbye Momma. Now you can eat ice cream in Heaven.

You Just Don't Exist (Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World)

Chris Evans steals the show as Lucas Lee, the self-serious action star who Michael Cera must square off against. Just check out this scene from You Just Don't Exist. Dude is not messing around.

Choice Line: The next click you hear is me hanging up. The one after that... is me pulling the trigger!

Gandhi 2 (UHF)

When "Weird" Al is tasked with running a small television station, he puts his heart and soul into it, creating some of the most unique television ever filmed. The Gandhi by way of Death Wish parody, Gandhi 2, looks like a great viewing experience. If Machete could be made into its own trilogy, there's no reason we can't have a full-length version of this.

Choice Line: No more, Mr. Passive Resistance.

B Movie (The Iron Giant)

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With his mom away, The Iron Giant's Hogarth geeks out with a scary, science fiction B movie featuring bad acting, bad writing, and bad special effects. And I mean that in the most loving of ways.

Choice Line: Darn. A perfectly good brain wasted.

Chubby Rain (Bowfinger)

Steve Martin's Bobby Bowfinger and his crew go to extreme lengths to produce the alien invasion movie, Chubby Rain. Stealing all of their shots of unknowing star Kit Ramsey on the fly, Bowfinger and crew are forced to manipulate situations in order to get the performance they need. The results could stand right next to some of Hollywood's best

Choice Line: It had rained that day, but was it normal rain? Or chubby rain?

Garden Tool Massacre (The Blob)

1988's Frank Darabont-scripted remake of The Blob used an iconic scene from the original to take a swipe at 1980's horror. In the movie theater attack scene, the Blob's soon-to-be victims are watching a hockey mask killer chasing coeds with a chainsaw. Seconds later, the Blob drops in to show the theatergoers true terror.

Choice Line: Isn't it a little late to be gardening? It's not even hockey season!!

Good Will Hunting 2: Hunting Season (Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back)

When Jay and Silent Bob's adventures bring them to Hollywood, they have the opportunity to hang out on the set of the highly-anticipated sequel, Good Will Hunting 2: Hunting Season. It might lack the subtleties of the original, but makes up for it with killing that ponytailed prick.

Choice Line: Applesauce, bitch.

Terrence and Phillip: Asses of Fire (South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut)

Proving to be probably the most influential film in history, the controversial material in Terrence and Phillip: Asses of Fire actually lead to a war between Canada and the United States of America. And then Satan got involved and it was cra-zzyyy.

Choice Line: You're an uncle f***er, I must say. You f***ed your uncle yesterday!!

Stab (Scream 2)

Scream 2 opens with a presentation of Stab, the Hollywood movie version of the events in the original film. Here the famous opening is parodied with Heather Graham subbing in for Drew Barrymore's role.

Hamlet (Last Action Hero)

Who says Arnold Schwarzenegger can't do drama. A segment in Last Action Hero sees him effortlessy carrying the load of Shakespeare's classic, Hamlet.

Choice Line: To be, or not to be. (lights cigar) Not to be. (explosion)

Logjammin' (The Big Lebowski)

Jeff "The Dude" Lebowski gets a little perspective about the Nihilists who are trying to cut off his johnson when he catches a screening of the porno, Logjammin'.

Choice Line: You must be here to fix the cable.

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