An unspoken rule exists in science fiction: an alien is only as powerful as the weapons they use. It makes sense. An alien race can hardly expect to inspire fear and conquer random planets with weak weaponry. Superior technology has a way of putting the odds in their favor.

Any alien race who is serious about conquering planets and dispatching any resistance they meet needs to include these 11 weapons in their arsenal:


Nothing is better for hand-to-hand combat in the "Star Wars" saga than a lightsaber. It's almost impossible to name another weapon that can cut through practically anything in the galaxy. Forget about using a blaster against one. They also block lasers with ease and make a sound when it is activated that is beyond cool.


A high-tech equivalent of the Swiss Army knife in the “Star Trek” universe. Phasers can be used to stun or kill. They can cut through metal and rock. These devices do just about anything – except disguise William Shatner's hammy acting.

Smart Disc:

The Predators from the "Predator" movies have a wicked arsenal at their disposal. None match the lethal awesomeness of the smart disc. It acts like a boomerang from Hell, cutting through meat and bone and returning to its owner like a faithful alien pet.

Acid Blood:

The hardest part about killing xemomorphs in the "Alien" movies is dealing with the damage it can do to you and your spaceship. Give these aliens an open wound? Their blood instantly burns through metal and can eat a hole right through the hull of your ship. Get some splashed on your face? You melt away faster than a Nazi opening the Ark of the Covenant.

Tesla rifle:

It may not look like much, but this "District 9" weapon packs a powerful punch. The rifle looks like a rough combination of motorcycle parts that operates based on prawn DNA. It is a nasty weapon, though, destroying a human body on contact.

XZ-35 rocket pistol:

Buck Rogers used this trusty sidearm to navigate his way through the dangerous 25th Century. It was the original ray gun and served as a prototype model for all focused energy weapons that followed – from the phaser to the blaster.

Staff Weapon:

One reason a Gou'ald named Ra could oppress an entire planet in “Stargate” with just a few Jaffa guards is the staff weapon. This spear-like weapon discharged a yellow blast of energy, ripping holes through the bodies of their intended targets. That will keep any crowd of peasants from revolting.


Those crafty Martians in “The War of the Worlds” took Earth by storm with war machines that moved on spider legs, sported tentacles to snatch victims and used a heat ray to evaporate anything that stood in the way. If only they could have found a way to keep out all of that pesky Earth bacteria.

AT-AT Walker:

How can you beat a armored attack vehicle that tramples through ice and snow and can withstand several direct shots from small ships? You can't do it. The rebel forces tried in “The Empire Strikes Back” and were forced to flee Hoth.

Death Blossom:

If you want to take out an entire armada of ships, this experimental weapon from “The Last Starfighter” will do the trick. It can fire in all directions and spins around like a top at super speed. And it does stop spinning once the enemy ships are gone – confirming that it wasn't all an “Inception” inspired dream world.

Death Star:

This is the only alien weapon capable of blowing up an entire planet. Enough said.