These 10 worst witch movies encompass the possible failures that could happen with horror flicks including poor cinematography, substandard acting and overly complicated plots. However, there’s always a selling point in each movie that at least made it to video. Take a read through the list below—one of these movies might interest you. 

  1. "The Touch of Satan” This '70s flick is a horror story of a man who falls in love with a farm girl, but she's  a witch who made a deal with Satan. There’s a reason this movie remains practically unknown—the actors aren’t believable and the script is lacking.

  2. “House of the Black Death” Jerry Warren was hired to try and fix this film, but it still falls short. The movie tells the story of a war between two brothers who battle each other with armies of witches instead of soldiers.

  3. “The Legend of Bloody Mary” This is a low budget movie with the nauseating shaky camera shots and bad actors. Ryan tries to solve the mystery of his sister’s death and thinks it might have to do with accidentally summonin the spirit of Bloody Mary.

  4. “Witches of the Caribbean”Knowing that David DeCoteau directed this film might explain the poor quality of this movie about witches and witchcraft. It tells the tale of troubled teenagers on a Caribbean island who are trying to understand a dream they all share that involves a witch on fire.

  5. “Witchcraft" When Grace moves in with her mother-in-law, she soon discovers that her relatives may worship Satan and want to sacrifice her new baby. Even though this witch movie had eleven sequels, it probably had more to do with the sexual scenes than the acting.

  6. "Wicked Stepmother” Blending horror and comedy in this film only made it corny. Bette Davis stars in this movie about a mother and daughter who are both witches out to make trouble.

  7. “Wicked Lake” You’ll want to watch this movie for the lesbian action between the four vampire witches, but don’t have high hopes for the movie’s cinematography. The story revolves around a group of guys who choose to target these women, not knowing that the tables will turn at midnight.

  8. “Satan’s Cheerleaders” You can consider this witch movie just another one of those B-class films about cheerleaders. If you can get past that, you can satisfy your cheerleading fetish with this movie about a cheerleading squad that’s kidnapped by Satanists who don’t know that one of the girls is a witch.

  9. “The Witches’ Mountain” Even though this movie won a Special Mention at the Catalonian International Film Festival, it probably wasn’t recognized outside of its own country for its difficult-to-follow plot. This Spanish witch movie tells the tale of a young traveling couple who accidentally enter an area filled with witches.

  10. “The Haunting of Morella” The only selling point of this witch movie is the multitude of erotic situations. Otherwise, there’s not much to the plot where a dead witch seeks to revive herself through her daughter’s body.