If you are picking out a movie from 2007 to watch, make sure it is not on this list of the 10 worst movies of 2007. These films are poorly made, and have bad scripts and bad acting. These movies will easily put you to sleep. They are not worth your time, so consider choosing another movie.

  1. "Good Luck Chuck" This bad movie that has a terrible premise stars Dane Cook and Jessica Alba. Not only that, the acting is a disaster and all of the jokes fall flat. This movie is about a guy that has a curse where any girl he sleeps with meets the love of her life after the break up. He must find a way to break the curse because he's met the woman of his dreams.

  2. "Premonition" This film can be considered one of the worse films Sandra Bullock has ever done. The movie is both senseless and incomprehensible. The film is about a woman whose husband was killed in a car crash, but when she awakens the next day, he is still alive.

  3. "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry" You may get a couple of chuckles here and there when watching this movie, but overall, the film is a disaster. It stars Adam Sandler and Kevin James who play two straight guys that pretend to be gay. Overall, it's not a good movie and has easily made the list of the ten worst movies of 2007.

  4. "Goya's Ghost" This movie could easily be described as the most misguided film of the year. The movie stars Natalie Portman, but she couldn't make the film better. It's about the painter, Goya, who eventually gets involved with the Spanish Inquisition after his muse is arrested.

  5. "Because I Said So" This worst movie of 2007 stars Diane Keaton and Mandy Moore. It's about a mother that attempts to get her single daughter married. The film was categorized as a comedy, but the script lacks anything funny. In reality, the only people who might enjoy this film are women over the age of 40.

  6. "Before the Devil Knows You're Dead" If you are looking for one of the most overrated films of 2007, this would be it. This movie is long and boring. There are too many flashbacks, many of which didn't even seem useful to the story. The film is about a robbery gone wrong that starts a series of problematic events.  

  7. "The Namesake" This movie was about a son of Indian immigrants who wants to fit in even though his family won't let go of their traditions. This was actually a book first, one that has gotten great reviews. Unfortunately, the same thing can't be said for the movie. It was boring at every moment. For these reasons, it's made the list of the ten worst movies of 2007. 

  8. "Hannibal Rising" If you're hoping to see a scary movie, this is not it. What the filmmakers did was make this into another run of the mill serial killer movie. Throughout the film you knew the killer's every intention. Nothing was a shock and the entire movie was predictable. 

  9. "The Nanny Diaries" This worst movie of 2007 is so boring it can easily put you to sleep. The movie was hyped up more than it should have been because there wasn't anything entertaining about the movie. It was about a college graduate who found a job as a nanny for a rich family. 

  10. "Are We Done Yet?" This final movie on the list of the ten worst movies of 2007 is about as lame as it sounds. It's not worth your time, money or energy to watch. The movie is about a newlywed couple that hire a contractor to help with their dream home. However, they run into problems because the contractor has bizarre ways in which he conducts business.