Are you looking for the 10 worst movies ever made? This article will provide you with the ten worst movies ever made that you shouldn't even waste your time watching. Movies are fabulous when they catch your attention and are even greater when the movie captivates you. However, there are some movies that just make you ask, "Why?" Here is the rundown of the worst movies ever made.

  1. "I Know Who Killed Me" Lindsay Lohan plays a girl who disappears and when found, doesn't remember her identity. In the time that she disappeared, she was tortured. When she is found, she doesn't remember who she is and comes up with a second identity named Dakota. She, as her second personality, tries to remember what happened that night.

  2. "buried" This movies stars Ryan Reynolds. It had potential, but the story line is so off the wall. Reynolds plays a trucker trying to rebuild the city. He and his friends run over a bomb and he is kidnapped and buried under the ground. The entire movie is this guy stuck in a coffin.

  3. "Spice World" There may be many Spice Girl fans, but this movie should have never been made. This is a film about the musical group being on the road. This isn't really a storyline to it and the movie really makes no sense, except that they sing quite a bit.

  4. "Jason X" This Jason movie should not even be in the category of horror or the franchise of "Friday the 13th" films. Jason somehow gets on a space ship and wants to kill everyone. Period. Along the way, there is a lot of nude scenes and gruesome deaths, but nothing relating to the entire Jason or "Friday the 13th" franchise.

  5. "Glitter" Everyone can love Mariah Carey, but this film doesn't make the cut. This film is about a struggle of an '80s female singer trying to make her way to the top. Sound familiar? There isn't much you can say about this film but, "Why am I watching this?"

  6. "The Blair Witch Project" Some moviegoers will argue this was a good movie, but the majority will say not. This movie had a lot of talk going on. Some college kids go into the woods with a camera and document trying to find the Blair Witch. You never see anything really and to top if off, it wasn't even real. Boo.

  7. "Halloween 2: Rob Zombie" OK, Rob Zombie. Your music is great, but this movie wasn't. This was suppose to be the remake of the original "Halloween" series. The first remake of "Halloween" by Rob Zombie was great. The second remake left maybe people confused on whether or not the entire movie was real or this girl's bad trip from acid.

  8. "Cloverfield" This movie was original, except for one factor—it adds up until the end. There were many problems with this film, but the most important was the monster was never revealed. This film was a fake "documentary" film about a monster that comes into New York. You never get to see the monster and it really does make you a bit motion sick.

  9. "Splice" This film is about cloning with half human, half animal DNA. It's a movie that when you get done watching, you feel you need to take your brain out and wash it. Two scientists conducts an experiment for cloning. When the experiment comes out to be a strange looking baby, the female gets attached. The clone experiment turns into a girl, which turns into a boy, which turns back into a girl. It's very weird.

  10. "Catwoman" This was suppose to be a big hit, but it turned out to flop. Halle Berry stars as the famous Catwoman. While she is suppose to be fighting crime in the city, she is mainly just hissing around men. This film did not stick to the original "Catwoman" storyline and if you are a hardcore fan of the "Batman" and "Catwoman" franchise, you will be disappointed.