There are plenty of movies to pick from when looking for the 10 worst movie scenes ever made. As with any movie list, much of the conjecture about the worst scenes is opinion. But it is always fun to spark a discussion about the 10 worst movie scenes ever and see what movies turn up in your list.

  1. "Godzilla Versus Gigan" (1972). There is a lot not to like about many of the Godzilla movies, but this entry into the list of 10 worst ever movie scenes has an extra-special bad scene. This is the movie where we get to see Godzilla fly across the screen while being supported by his tail. It not only happens once, it happens twice, and it is awful both times.

  2. "Plan 9 From Outer Space" (1959). Edward D. Wood Jr. was considered to be the worst movie director of all time, so some of his work was bound to wind up on the list of 10 worst movie scenes ever. From this bad movie comes a terrible use of the word "there" by actress Mona McKinnon as she tries to convince her husband, played by Gregory Walcott, that she will be just fine on her own.

  3. "Santa Claus" (1959). Mexico is not known for its movies, and this movie is a good example of why that is the case. When the Mexican Santa gets in his sleigh pulled by fake reindeer that he has to wind up with a huge metal key, a little bit of Christmas cheer leaves the entire audience.

  4. "The Crawling Hand" (1963). Alan Hale tried to have a movie career outside of his television success on "Gilligan's Island," but many of his films are worth mentioning only on the list of 10 worst movie scenes ever. When the alien hands crawl out of the water in this terrible horror movie, it is more funny than scary.

  5. "It" (1990).  Stephen King writes great books, but the early attempts to put his books into movie form were rough at best. This made for TV movie featured an ending the sewers of a city against a giant creature that was all just awful and ruined the entire movie.

  6. "Manos: The Hands of Fate" (1966). This movie used every cliche in the book and was eventually considered one of the worst movies ever made. Its entry into the list of the 10 worst movie scenes ever happens early in the movie when we are introduced to Manos and his useless psychic powers.

  7. "The Human Centipede (First Sequence)" (2009). This whole movie is disgusting and just bad. But the scene that wins the award for this list is when the evil doctor is trying to teach his new human centipede how to fetch the morning paper from the front porch.

  8. "This Island Earth" (1955). Aliens try to take over the Earth in order to populate it as their own planet dies. Their planet is also inhabited by large crab-like creatures that wear pants. When one of these creatures tries to slowly attack our heroes, the screaming makes the scene even funnier.

  9. "Overdrawn At the Memory Bank" (1983). Normally, you would not see Raul Julia's name on a list of the 10 worst movie scenes ever. But the attempted re-creation of the nightclub scene from "Casablanca" (1942) is one of the worst things ever put on film.

  10. "Rhinestone" (1984). While this is supposed to be a comedy, the humor is created by how bad this movie is and not by any witty dialogue. In one of the worst scenes ever filmed, Sylvester Stallone dons a colorful cowboy outfit and sings a country song. That is really all you need to know to get the horrifying picture.