Here is a list of the 10 worst movie moments. There are plenty of lists compiling the greatest films ever made. Just as important are some of the worst movies ever made. To compile a list of the worst movie moments, we must first look to some of the worst films ever made. Here is a list of the baddest of the bad.

  1. "Superman IV: The Quest For Peace" Take your pick of the worst moment from a film that is a buffet of horrible moments. How about the climactic fight between Superman and Nuclear Man where the wires used to simulate their aerial battle are clearly visible?

  2. "Over the Top" It's a sequence that tries to be triumphant, but these are a bunch of guys arm wrestling, and when you see Sylvester Stallone straining to pull down the arm of some heavy-bearded trucker while the crowd is hooting all around, the effect is nothing short of laughable. Did we mention all of Sylvester Stallone's ridiculous straining makes it seem more like he's constipated than performing some kind of impossible feat?

  3. "Cobra" Another Sylvester Stallone disaster. There is a minor scene towards the beginning of the film where a bunch of hooligans refuse to move out of Stallone's parking spot. So, Stallone confronts them face to face and rips open the front of a guy's shirt. We know, you probably don't understand what we're trying to describe. Try watching the moment and making sense of it.

  4. "Jaws IV: The Revenge" The sequence we single out is the climactic scene, and it's just full of technical errors. For instance, Michael Caine has just leaped in the ocean, but when he emerges from the water, his clothes are bone dry as if they'd just been freshly laundered.

  5. "Jurassic Park III" The movie on a whole is not that bad. It's the anti-climactic final scene that we find annoying. After all the build-up, the characters are put into a situation with seemingly no escape, and just when the tension is at an unbearable level, a horde of naval helicopters and ships inexplicably arrives to rescue them. It was a sellout, plain and simple.

  6. "The Postman" This exchange between a blind woman and Kevin Costner should speak for itself: "You're a godsend, a saviour." "No, I'm just the postman."

  7. "Pearl Harbor" This film is a travesty. Instead of exploring serious issues such material warrants, the filmmakers tell a ridiculous love story. The awfulness really comes to a head in the scene where Kate Beckinsale dreamily reads some love letter with an unnecessary beautiful Hawaiian ocean and sunset behind her.

  8. "Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones" The newer "Star Wars" trilogy has a lot of good things going for it. One of them is not acting. In a stupid romance scene between Natalie Portman and Hayden Christensen, the two exchange some pretty awful dialogue. Some nonsense about the sand on Tatooine being too rough, unlike Natalie Portman's skin. Let's just leave it at that.

  9. "Glen or Glenda" We cannot have a list of the worst movie moments and not include a film by Ed Wood. So we shall go with his transvestite opus, "Glen or Glenda." The scene in question is the film's opening where the once great Bela Lugosi rambles incoherently about... well, to tell you the truth, we have no idea what he's talking about.

  10. "The Matrix Reloaded" We guess as a whole the movie is okay, but what is with that scene with the architect? After all the build-up the entire movie has engineered, we come to a room with a bunch of television screens and meet some old guy who goes on some kind of a long-winded diatribe laced with a whole bunch of mathematical terminology.