What are the ten worst movie lines ever? Bad movie lines can make a scene seem awkward at the least. Worst case scenario, bad movie lines can pretty much ruin a film. While some actors are known for having some pretty terrible movie lines, others can down right surprise you with their bad movie lines. An actor’s star power has no bearing on how bad a movie line is. Bad movie lines are born out of bad writing for the film. And no matter how cool, how bad-ass the actor, a bad movie line will always be a bad movie line. Here are the ten worst movie lines.

  1. “This is Sparta!”. “300” (2006)  is a stylized action extravaganza. There’s a truck load of action, nudity, blood and guts. But, this movie is also chock full of bad movie lines. This one being the worst. It just sounds so corny.

  2. “Give me back my face!”. Rorschach, the masked avenger in “The Watchmen” (2009) kicked a lot of butt in the film. He also delivered a bunch of stale movie lines. He seemed almost powerless without his mask. The audience knew this, so there was no need for this pointless line.

  3. “The things I’m gonna do for my country”. Face it, “XXX” (2002) was not a great flick. Now, Vin Diesel is a cool actor, but his movie lines sucked. Seriously. Honestly, multiple lines from this flick could have been chosen. Frank Sinatra couldn’t make this particular line cool.

  4. “I have got to get me one of these!”. Will Smith is another A-list superstar that has been plagued with corny lines throughout his career, None are worse than this particular phrase he spit in “Independence Day” (1997).

  5. “Go tell somebody you saw something!” This stupid line made it’s appearance in “Fresh” (1994). Now, the line could’ve been cool. The problem was, the guy delivering the line was miscast. Jean-Claude La Marre had no excuse playing a thug in a film.

  6. “Go to da Choppa!”. Everyone knows this line. The Governator belted this famous, yet extremely bad line in “Predator” (1987). You can’t be mad at Arnold. He’s made a career out of kicking butt and spitting stupid phrases… in and out of office.

  7. “Ahh, ya shot me in the ass…”. “Training Day” (2001) was the best performance in Denzel Washington’s great acting career. But, this particular line, near the end of the film, instantly turned Washington’s gritty street detective character into a parody of himself. They should’ve left this line out of the finished product.

  8. “Time is on my side, yes it is…”. The supernatural thriller “Fallen” (1998) got mixed reviews. Well, this particular phrase gets recited throughout the film. It was thrown in to let the audience know who was being possessed at the time. Great indicator, but a little annoying after hearing it 37 times.

  9. “Either they don’t know, they don’t show, or don’t care about the hood”. Here’s another harsh truth. Ice Cube isn’t a very good actor. His feeble attempt at showing emotion in “Boyz N the Hood” (1991) was just comical. So much in fact, that “hood” parody movies often make fun of Ice Cube’s corny movie lines.

  10. “Chill Out”. When a movie sucks, why waste time on good lines?  Everybody knew that “Batman and Robin” (1997) was going to be bad. There was no question. But, Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze was just plain stupid. As stated earlier, he’s the king of bad one liners and he fortified his position as such in this film.