Few things are worse than a disappointing end to a movie, so here's a list of the 10 worst movie endings to stay aware of. There's a fine line between a great twist and utter uselessness, these fall under the latter.

  1. "The Number 23" Not really a great movie to begin with. Towards the end, the movie throws away all elements of supernaturalism and reveals that Jim Carrey's character wrote the book himself when he was institutionalized (shocker). This unnecessary plot twist almost put the nail in the coffin of Carrey's career.

  2. "American Psycho" This film's ending is more of a 'love or hate it' kind of ending. The vagueness and senselessness of it seems to be almost jammed in at the last second because the writer didn't know what to do with Christian Bale's character. Not to say this is a bad film in any kind of way, but the ending just doesn't feel in tune with the rest of the movie.

  3. "Signs" Although a rather entertaining film, it feels like there was a twist ending just for the sake of a twist ending. Though M. Night Shyamalan might have just put it in there as a signature rather than a serious end.

  4. "Planet of The Apes" The 2001 remake was, like many remakes, sub-par. The idea of the ending must have been to keep the audience guessing of the possibilities, but it comes off as corny and uninspired.

  5. "Perfect Stranger" The concept of the main character being the killer all along has been done to death in novels and movies alike. Though the director must have thought it a genius twist. This thriller doesn't offer anything new to the genre.

  6. "Confucius" A foreign film starring Chow-Yun Fat is surprisingly droll, even though the acting was fairly well done. The movie just seems to drag on and on until the ending is, guess what? Confucius dies.

  7. "The Forgotten" The trailer for this movie gave away the aliens twist long before the movie was released. As a result, the rest of the film becomes predictable and often times stupid.

  8. "Hide and Seek" Another movie with a more than predictable ending. In fact, this time, it's a split personality for Robert DeNiro's character. Another concept done to death.

  9. "Saw" The corpse lying in the room was the killer? That doesn't make much sense, and honestly, with a movie this exciting and original we could at least expect a well put together finale.

  10. "No Country for Old Men" This Oscar winning movie was brilliant for the most part, but the ending is just a big letdown. From the fast-paced action, we switch to a monologue of Tommy Lee Jones, not too exhilarating.