Yeah there are a lot of them, so how do you choose the 10 worst movie death scenes? Movie death scenes are quite common in any action flick, drama, and many movie genres in between. The problem is, some of these movie death scenes just plain suck. It's like the writers use up all their creative juices on the body of the film and forget to be creative when writing the movie death scenes. Well, here are the worst of the worst movie death scenes. These movie death scenes sit atop a pile of terrible death scenes.

  1. "Die Hard 2" (1990).  Poor John Amos. He plays the criminal Major Grant in the film. For being such a bad ass, he really goes out like a punk. He slips off the wing of a moving plane and gets sucked into the engine. His blood then sprays out of the engine. Boo! A super soldier deserves a better death.

  2. "Casino Royale" (2006). Le Chiffre, the mathematical genius and criminal mastermind meets his untimely demise rather questionably. He spends twenty minutes torturing James Bond by hitting him in the balls with a knotted rope. Ouch! The audience is begging for James to break free and twist Le Chiffre's neck. Oh no, his associate calmly steps into the room and plugs Le Chiffre in the dome with a single bullet.

  3. "Letha Weapon 2" (1989). Having a huge object fall from the sky and smashing someone is cool ... in cartoons. Well, Pieter Vorstedt, the guy that ruined Lt. Riggs life, meets a rather stupid end when a cargo container falls from the sky turning him into street pizza. Terrible.

  4. "Commando" (1985). 30 hired goons drop when Swarzenegger fires three shots from his sidearm. What a terrible death scene. What's worse is the fact that none of those goons could hit Arnold Swarzenegger and they had automatic weapons.

  5. "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" (1990). Shredder, the evil nemesis of the Ninja Turtles and ruler of the Foot Clan, receives a death suitable for a cartoon character. He falls of the top of a brownstone into the back of a garbage truck. You can guess what happens next. He's trash compacted with the rest of the garbage. What a bad movie death scene.

  6. "Alien 3" (1992). Ripley doing a somersault into a hot pool of lead while hugging a baby queen Alien just sucks. She kicks the Aliens' asses for three movies, only for her to die like a punk. She never gave up, never. It wasn't a fair way for her to go out.

  7. "The Matrix" (1999). Why did Agent Smith explode into millions of pieces? Why? This movie is arguably one of the best ever. Why ruin it with a crappy death scene? It would have been cooler if Neo somehow absorbed Agent Smith's abilities. An explosion is just corny.

  8. "Transformers: The Movie" (1986). Optimus Prime dying has to be one of the worst movie death scenes by far. Megatron fights him for at least ten minutes. Optimus then turns grey and fades away. The only reason Optimus' death makes this list is because he's a robot. Couldn't he just be repaired? They fixed Ultra Magnus. Why not Optimus dammit? WHY!!!

  9. "The Lord of The Rings: Return Of The King" (2003). Sauron simply crumbles to dust once his ring is dropped into mount doom. Really? That's it. You mean to say millions of people had to sit through nine hours of movies just to watch Sauron turn to dust? Not cool.

  10. "Ghost" (1990). Willie Lopez, the guy that killed Sam Wheat, dies very, very lame-like. If that's even a word. He gets molested by a handful of dark spirits and gets dragged to the afterlife. Wow, what a bad movie death scene.