Do you want to know what the 10 worst comic book movies are? These films totally destroyed their comic book source materials. These ten worst comic book movies are total stinkers that it was a miracle they even made their way to video after their movie releases.

  1. “Steel.” Shaquille O'Neal at the height of his powers was so enamored with the Man of Steel that he wanted to buy the rights for Superman. Realizing that he did not have enough money to do so, he settled for a tattoo of a Superman logo on his massive right arm and the lead role as the DC Comics superhero, Steel. The film, however, bombed big time.

  2. “Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD.” This movie was simpl atrocious. The plot was non-existent, the special effects were lousy and the casting was just terrible. This is so bad that they should have renamed this movie David Hasselhoff: Actor of ATROCIOUS.

  3. “Batman and Robin.” It's amazing that they managed to resurrect the Batman franchise after this travesty of a movie. Joel Shumacher must have been munching on some strange mushrooms while directing this sorry excuse for a movie. The whole story was just plan dumb and everyone's acting was just so over-the-top. Not only that, Robin's suit had nipples on them.

  4. “Superman 3.” "Superman 3" was the beginning of the end for this magnificent franchise. After the incredible "Superman" and the wildly entertaining "Superman 2," the producers decided to phase out Margot Kidder as Lois Lane (they gave her about a dozen lines in this movie) and went with Robert Vaughn as the nefarious megalomaniac, Ross Webster, and Richard Pryor as the computer genius, Gus Gorman. A constant stream of unfunny, cheesy one-liners from Pryor and a sub-par acting job from Christopher Reeve only added to the problem.

  5. “Superman 4.” While "Superman 3" might be considered barely tolerable, "Superman 4" was just horrendous. With a villain called “Nuclear Man” sporting black nail polish, tired performances by the entire cast and a ridiculous story line, not even the combined talents of Christopher Reeve and Gene Hackman could salvage this pathetic film.

  6. “Mystery Men.” With an ensemble all-star cast, the movie was eagerly awaited by the viewing public. Sadly, "Mystery Men" is proof that just because you have a movie with “stars”, it is not enough to make it watchable.

  7. Supergirl.” If you thought "Superman 3" and "Superman 4" were bad, out came "Supergirl." The producers should have realized that if Supergirl was not good enough to carry a comic book title on her own, there was no way in hell she could ever carry a movie by her lonesome.

  8. "The Punisher." While the last two incarnations of the Punisher in film were at the very least, watchable, the original Punisher feature film was really bad. While everything about this movie was terrible, the worst part is that the Punisher did not even have his trademark costume with the skull shirt. A super hero without his costume? That is just so wrong.

  9. “Ghost Rider.” This lifeless movie starred the fast-fading Nicholas Cage and the crazy dude who had this thing for plastic bags in "American Beauty." To be fair, there was no single aspect of this movie that was overly bad. It was more of a case where nothing was particularly good.

  10. “Barb Wire.” This Pamela Anderson disaster performed so poorly at the box office that a teary-eyed Ms. Anderson was seen rushing to the doctor's office to get that silly looking barbed wire tattoo she decided to have on her ankle removed.