There are plenty to choose from when deciding the 10 worst Christmas movies. There is just something about the holiday that inspires filmmakers to keep churning out terrible representations of the Christmas spirit. In the following list, we glance back to 10 of the worst Christmas movies ever.

  1. "Jack Frost" Not to be confused with the horror film of the same name, this is instead the even creepier tale starring Michael Keaton. The premise is supposed to be heartwarming, but tells the story of a man (Keaton) who is killed in a car accident and comes back as a snowman to reunite with his wife and son. A man being reincarnated as a snowman is weird enough, but to add an even darker element to the story, the audience is aware that the beloved father's return can only be temporary. A snowman must melt eventually, making this a terrible movie that is quite depressing.  

  2. "Jingle all the Way" Sometimes Arnold Schwarzenegger can be very charming in the kiddy flicks ("Kindergarten Cop") but he doesn't need to make it a regular thing. Arnold plays a father who desperately attempts to get his son, the most popular toy in the country, for Christmas. The film is loud and ridiculous and displays how intense consumerism can be around the holidays without really poking enough fun at it.

  3. "Miracle on 34th Street (1994)"  An unnecessary remake of a Christmas classic. The story remains the same; a little girl doesn't believe in Santa but meets a man who might actually be St. Nick. Santa must face a trial to prove he is more than just a department store Santa, hearts swell and all that jazz. The problem with this version are the bland actors like Dylan Mcdermott. Poor Mara Wilson does not compare to the adorable young Natalie Wood.

  4. "Surviving Christmas" This was one of the many films that helped create a backlash for Ben Affleck. Two hours of mugging for the camera in an insipid film about a rich guy who pays a family to pretend to be his own, doesn't exactly make for much of a career move. Luckily Affleck has managed to find his way past films like this.

  5. "The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause" Another unnecessarily sequel to a dying franchise. Throwing in the often annoying Martin Short only made things worse. Tim Allen can be funny, but this is not proof of that.

  6. "Santa Clause Conquers the Martians" This is a film that is classically bad, like a Christmas equivalent to "Plan 9 from Outer Space". Terrible acting, screenplay, directing, it's all there. At least this is a bad Christmas movie that you can be aware of just by hearing the ridiculous title.

  7. "Deck the Halls" An unfunny film about how exhausting Christmas can be. Neighbors, (Matthew Broderick, Danny Devito) compete over who is more obsessed with Christmas. Supposed hilarity ensues. Just a chaotic film with shrill performances and zero humor.

  8. "Four Christmases" Looking past the lack of chemistry of the adorable Reese Witherspoon and the hyper Vince Vaughn, this film leaves a lot to be desired. For such a good cast, the film doesn't offer many laughs or even smiles. There is also little warmth emanating from these characters, so why care about them?

  9. "Ernest Saves Christmas" Possibly the best of the Ernest films, but that isn't saying much. The always irritating Jim Varney stumbles around in an attempt at comedy, this time at Christmas time. There is plenty of heart, but little else.

  10.  "Black Christmas" This one is a shame since the cast is filled with beautiful young actresses. A remake that could have been interesting ended up being a big mess. The 1974 original doesn't need to shake in it's boots, as it remains the scariest of the Christmas slasher genre.