10 TV And Movie Lesbians We Wouldn’t Kick Off A Plane For Kissing

Thursday, September 29 by

2. Wil Pang – Saving Face

If the lesbians in question happen to be Chinese-American, that’s fine too. Sure, we’re still a little miffed about China’s refusal to return our crashed spy plane (It was a big misunderstanding!), but there’s no reasons to take it out on two civilians.

We are so tolerant, we’ll even allow Turkish lesbians to kiss on our planes. We won’t be happy about it, but we’ll allow it. Kidding! Love the Turks.

1. Patty Bouvier – The Simpsons

We can’t foresee an instance in which a fictional lesbian cartoon character books a flight through our airline, boards the flight, then performs public displays of affection with their partner (cartoon or human), but the real takeaway here is that Screen Junkies Air is tolerant as shit, so bring on the kissing cartoon lesbians.

As far as we know, we’re the first airline to openly welcome LGBT cartoon characters.

And the walls come tumbling down…

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