10 TV And Movie Lesbians We Wouldn’t Kick Off A Plane For Kissing

Thursday, September 29 by
She can kiss whoever she wants on our plane.  

It seems that Southwest Airlines has stepped in it yet again. After kicking Kevin Smith off a flight for being too fat, and booting Billie Joe Armstrong, singer of Green Day, for waring pants that were two baggy, Southwest is once again the talk of the Twittersphere (and possibly other spheres as well) for kicking a woman off her plane for sharing a lesbian kiss with her girlfriend.

That’s the bad news for Southwest. The REALLY bad news is that the girl they deplaned was Leisha Hailey, one of the stars of Showtime’s The L Word, which makes her one of the most famous lesbians in the world (sort of by default). Not a good move for the official airline of GLAAD. Seriously. Southwest is (was?) the official airline of GLAAD.

For shame, SWA. You don’t boot people based on their sexual orientation. The flight attendant said the kissing was gratuitous and that passengers complained, but there has been no confirmation of that assertion as of yet. When Screen Junkies gets its own airline, and it’s just a matter of finalizing some paperwork before we do, we vow to never kick off any couples in love, gay, straight, bi, or Eskimo.

To give you an idea of who we’d allow to kiss on our flight, here’s a rundown of some lesbian characters that we’d allow to at least make out on our routes. We used hot lesbians as the example here because, duh.

10. Kelly Van Ryan – Wild Things

We would let her make out with Neve Campbell on any of our flights, or she could make out with some other hot girl that we don’t know about yet. After all, she’s got a bit of a temper on her, so we wouldn’t want to antagonize her by giving her whatever the female equivalent of blue balls is.

9. and 8. Nina and Lily – Black Swan

Let them pronounce their love from the jetway, says I! While their lesbian encounter may have been the result of that sweet, sweet MDMA coursing through their bloodstream, ScreenJunkies Air would never be so presumptuous as to define another’s love. Is a drunken bisexual hookup not, in fact, love? My girlfriend told me it is.

Further, if the whole affair was just a figment of a troubled girl’s imagination, that’s OK too. We definitely don’t judge people for mental illness and would never ask them to deplane over a sickness. Unless it was contagious.

7. and 6. Jules and Nic – The Kids Are All Right

Are you kidding? Despite the former’s indiscretion with an approachably hunky Mark Ruffalo, these two are in love. We would never let the fact that they happen to be women cloud our appreciation of their ability to raise children and find happiness. I guess that differentiates us from Southwest Airlines, the most profitable airline in the country.

But if profits mean denying a couple’s love, put us in the red.

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