The best 10 sexy scary movies of all time mix just the right amount of sensuality and scare. Did you know that fear and desire produce much the same flux of hormones? Want to be turned on and frightened at the same time? Here's what you can watch, listed in order of release.

  1. "Halloween" Jamie Lee Curtis became a sex symbol in this classic 1978 horror film. The music alone still send shivers in fans when they hear it decades later; it is unmistakable.

  2. "Fright Night" This 1985 horror flick brings back all that is sexy about the vampire. Chris Sarandon is irresistible and mysterious, making it impossible to want to give him your neck.

  3. "Wolf" Jack Nicholson and Michelle Pfeiffer put a new meaning to bestiality in this 1994 ode to shapeshifting. This top ten sexy scary movie makes up for in acting what it lacks in special effects.

  4. "Interview With a Vampire" Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise in one movie and as sexy vampires to boot. No more explanation needed.

  5. "Embrace of the Vampire" Alyssa Milano shows more of her  ... maturity in this romantic and sensual thriller of 1995.

  6. "The Craft" Released in 1996, four teenage misfits team up to rule their school and each other. Skimpy enough outfits for the guys and female empowerment for the women. Perfect date flick.

  7. "Scream" What woman wouldn't get turned on watching the young Johnny Depp look-a-like Skeet Ulrich, try to seduce his girlfriend? Released in 1996, this addition to the top ten sexy scary movies list is good enough to watch a few times.

  8. "The Faculty" Another teenage misfit tale, released in 1998, but with a twist. Cute as can be Josh Hartnett teams up with other A-list stars. Guy hint to why you should rent it: The end has a full nude scene for you to enjoy. You'll have to watch to see which girl bares it all.

  9. "Queen of the Damned" The late Aaliyah plays the femme fatale in this 2002 thriller. Guys and gals alike will love the idea of a sexy vampire coming into the 21st century by becoming a sexy rocker that really loves his groupies.

  10. "Zombie Strippers" Horror Icon Robert Englund and Adult Film Star Jenna Jameson team up in this 2008 quirky film that offers every man's dream: plenty of topless girls and plenty of gore. It had to round up the list of the top 10 sexy scary movies.