These 10 sexy anime movies embody the Japanese dream-cuteness, fantasy, and kinkiness all rolled into one. Sexiness is no more intense and creative than expressed in animation, imagined by horny animators. Join in the action and fantasize yourself with these anime movies. 

  1. “End of Summer.” This emotional and romantic tale tells of Wataru who just wants to meet and be with the girl of his dreams. Throughout the movie, four girls teach him about the reality of romance and sex. What better way to learn the truth about love than in the flesh so Wataru sleeps with a few of the girls as part of his lessons.

  2. “Bio Hunter.” A demon virus is infecting the people of Japanese in this blend of horror and science fiction. The rest of the movie is a race to find a cure. There is plenty of violence in this movie matched with plenty of nudity, including a full frontal and an explicit sex scene.

  3. “Nightmare Campus.” Based on a popular anime series, this movie is practically pornography as sex and orgies are the means through which demons are awakened. As such, there is a lot of graphic sex. When demon-possessed Matsuo meets others like him, the use their power against the gods.

  4. “Wicked City.” Choose the uncensored version of this film for the fully graphic sex scenes. The movie is set in a world of both humans and demons with a secret police force managing the division. Various sex scenes ensue, including a violent gang rape and oral sex involving tentacles.

  5. “Kite.” The uncut and unrated edition of this film is extremely violent, especially in its interpretation of rape concerning young girls. The story revolves around Sawa, an orphaned schoolgirl who becomes an assassin. Throughout the movie, she is often involved in nonconsensual sex.

  6. “Golgo 13.” As one of the longest running manga, “Golgo 13” has been converted into a TV series, a couple anime films, and various video games. Golgo is a professional hitman and cold blooded killer. In the anime movie versions, there are various sexy scenes to entertain the audience.

  7. “Bible Black.” In this classic and popular hentai, an ordinary student finds a mysterious book of dark magic. The magic is used for sexual gain in various extreme sex scenes. Be warned that some of the scenes may be offensive to viewers.

  8. “Rei-Rei.” Filled with scenes of sexual acts, this is indeed an adult animated film. It follows the story of Kaguya, a mystical and magical being whose purpose is to save the world from their sexual hunger. This softcore hentai is especially entertaining not only for its sizzling sex scenes, but also its comedic moments.

  9. “Elven Bride.” In this fantastical hentai, newlyweds Kenji and Milfa aren’t able to have a baby because of Milfa’s tiny vagina. To save his marriage, Kenji goes an adventure to find the infamous Ooze, a magical lubricant that could solve their problems. More sex is in store when Milfa unknowingly visits a sex-hungry gynecologist.

  10. “Guy: Double Target.” The heroes of this outer space movie, Guy and Raina, seem to do good only because evil shows up on their paths. Along the way, the movie is filled with violence and sex. One of the first adult anime films for the North American audience, the sex scenes in this movie are often nostalgic for longtime anime lovers.