Of all the horror monsters, none are as iconic as the ones portrayed in the 10 scariest ghost movies. Many people believe in hauntings and ghosts, and that makes these horror stories even more frightening. Whether the ghosts are vengeful spirits who want to wreck havoc or wronged souls seeking revenge, these are the some of the scariest horror movies of all time.

  1. “The Shining” - Stanley Kubrick adapted this Stephen King novel into one of the scariest ghost movies of all time. Kubrick moved away from the haunted hotel aspects of the King story and instead dealt with the subject of a man driven to madness thanks to the ghosts of both his past and the past of the hotel itself.

  2. “Session 9” - "Session 9" is one of the scariest ghost movies, detailing a work group excavating a former prison hospital. As the men work in the hospital, strange things begin to occur and they realize they are being haunted by ghostly spirits of men who at one time were wrongly experimented on in the prison.

  3. “The Devil’s Backbone” - Guillermo del Toro directs this haunting tale, one of the scariest ghost movies, set in Spain. The movie follows a young orphan who is haunted by the ghost of another young boy. The orphan must discover what happened to this strange young child in order to quell the vengeful ghost.

  4. “The Ring” - The adaptation of the Asian horror film “Ringu,&rdquo the American version of the film is one of the scariest ghost movies made in the last decade. In this movie, a video tape contains the vengeful spirit of a dead girl who haunts and kills anyone who watches it.

  5. “Stir of Echoes” - Kevin Bacon stars in this movie about a father and son who begin to see the spirit of a dead girl. The movie is one of the scariest ghost movies made, as the spirit is malevolent towards Bacon’s character, who must find out what the ghost wants before it is too late to save his family and his own sanity.

  6. “The Sixth Sense” - M. Night Shyamalan directs his mainstream debut film about a young boy who sees ghosts. It contains moments that makes it one of the scariest ghost movies ever made as Bruce Willis plays a psychiatrist who attempts to help this young boy make sense of this strange gift.

  7. “The Others” - Nicole Kidman travels to an old house with her two young children to stay while her husband is away at war. While at the house, the three begin to see strange apparitions and work out what these ghosts want with them. The movie has a killer twist ending where nothing is ever what it seems.

  8. “Poltergeist” - Steven Spielberg produced this movie, one of the scariest ghost movies ever made. A suburban family lives in a large house haunted by ghostly spirits and has to find a way to exercise the demons from the home. The movie is known as much for the supposed curse to all those involved as for the movie itself.

  9. “The Haunting” - Some of the scariest ghost movies are those that never show to the spirits because nothing is more frightening than what you can imagine. The original “The Haunting” is one of those movies, although it was remade years later with CGI ghosts replacing what made the original so terrifying to begin with.

  10. “1408” - John Cusack stars in this Stephen King adaptation as a man who travels around the country visiting haunted houses and writing about them. The twist is that he never sees a ghost and does not even believe in them. That all changes when he visits room 1408 in a haunted hotel and finds himself trapped by an evil spirit that wants him dead.