The list below includes 10 sad movie deaths. Some films feature characters that grace us with their presence temporarily, only to be taken away in a sad and tragic way to create an emotional resonance that wasn't quite expected. The following list features characters that are so integral to a film, that their final moments are cinematically devastating.

  1. “Bambi” - Man is the villain and heartless murderer in this film, taking away the life of Bambi's own mother. If Bambi's tiny voice yelling out for his mom after the hunters have taken their shots doesn't make you weep, you're made of stone.

  2. “Dead Poets Society” - A movie that provides so many uplifting moments, "Dead Poet's Society" also provides a devastating death in the form of suicide. Robert Sean Leonard's Neil is overwhelmed by his domineering father, who denies Neil's passion in life in favor of military school. The result is the demise of a young life and all of the potential that accompanied it.

  3. “Ordinary People” - This movie death is unique to the list because the death occurs at the beginning of the film. The accidental drowning of the eldest son causes a family such grief that they are unable regain any semblance of normalcy.

  4. “The Green Mile” - John Coffey's (Michael Clarke Duncan) eventual execution is a sad death due to his childlike view of the world and the miracles he is able to perform.

  5. “Pay it Forward” - This is the kind of movie that really goes for the jugular. If you aren't crying yet, the filmmaker throws more sadness at you. A student (Haley Joel Osment) creates a good intentioned experiment of doing something nice for someone, so they can do it for someone else. He also attempts to forge a bond between his lonely teacher (Kevin Spacey) and troubled mom (Helen Hunt).The tween boy just wants there to be kindness in the world. Of course, such a good-hearted child must die. If you don't cry from the death, they throw a touching candlelit vigil scene with the song "Calling all Angels". If that doesn't get you, they provide a scene of the boy on a video tape making an eloquent speech about what he dreams the world will be in the future. The filmmakers provide plenty of backups for this sad movie death.

  6. “The Virgin Suicides” - A story about beautiful young sisters who actually believe that their lives won't get any better after adolescence.

  7. “Brokeback Mountain” - Losing the love of your life is the worst thing one can imagine, but losing the love of your life and not being able to publicly acknowledge the significance of that person is even worse. After the death of his beloved Jack (Jake Gyllenhaal), Ennis del Mar (Heath Ledger) quietly sobs into one of Jack's old shirts for only a moment, then closing the door to his wardrobe and the forbidden love he held secret.

  8. “Cruel Intentions” - Although Sebastian Valmont (Ryan Phillipe) is a cad throughout the film, his eventual realization of true love, which leads to his accidental death, isn't any less sad.

  9. “Mask” - Rocky Dennis (Eric Stoltz) has a pretty good sense of humor about his life. He has a rare deformity known as lionitus. He is raised by his biker mother (Cher) and falls in love with a pretty blind girl (Laura Dern) all while cracking one liners. The film's light qualities abruptly end at the close of the film, which includes the death of young Rocky and a heart wrenching poem that he wrote before he passed.

  10. “My Girl” - An endearing film that ends with a life lesson about losing your best friend. Thomas J (Macaulay Culkin) is a sweet eleven year old boy, who just wants to please his best friend by getting her mood ring back. Since her ring is located under a massive bee's nest, we know nothing good will come of this.