These 10 romantic Indian movies will make any viewer’s heart melt. These movies are sensitive and, sometimes, quite fun.

  1. Kich Kuch Hota Hai.” After Anjali Sharma learns that her best friend loves another woman, she flees the city to repair her broken heart. Years later, however, that friend is widowed and raising his daughter on his own. The daughter’s name? Anjali. After realizing that her deceased mother knew of her father and her namesake’s love, she vows to bring them together. This Indian movie displays the true meaning of selfless love, and for that, this is one of the most romantic Indian movies.

  2. Pyaar Kiya Tau Darna Kya.” Muskaan is fiercely protected by her older brother; any man wishing to win her hand must prove his merit. The question of who will win her heart, though, will also be decided by her brother’s tests. This Indian movie shows how true love can conquer anything, making it an extremely romantic Indian movie.

  3. Ek Dooje Ke Liye.” The two lovers in this movie are forcibly separated by their acrimonious parents. When directed to spend at least a year apart, they have no choice but to agree. Throughout that year they each learn more about themselves and take different pathways. That still doesn’t stop them from truly loving the other, however, and at the end of the year their resolve to be together undergoes a final test. For showing how love can overcome even the largest barriers, “Ek Dooje Ke Liye” is one a great Indian romance movie.

  4. Na Tum Jaano Na Hum.” In this film, Esha and Rahul begin a friendship based entirely on letters. The two never exchange photos or other personal belongings, but their letters form the foundation for their love. Despite never meeting and the numerous obstacles in their way, Esha and Rahul are eventually brought together. This movie shows the true power of fate, making it one of the best Indian romantic movies.

  5. Dil Tau Pagal Hai.” This story follows the tumultuous love between four individuals, all of which must decide between following their hearts and following their familial obligations. The question of whether anyone will end up happy is debatable until the very end. “Dil Tau Pagal Hai” is one of the most romantic Indian movies.

  6. Dhadkan.” Anjali is forced to marry a man she does not love by her parents. Crushed, her true love, Dev, dedicates himself to becoming wealthy so that Anjali’s parents will approve of him. Over time, however, Anjali begins to love her husband. What’s going to happen, then, when Dev shows up on her doorstep? This Indian movie is extremely romantic.

  7. Doli Saja Ke Rakhna.” Inderjit and Pallavi love each other, but their families will not accept their affection. As Inderjit is harmed time and again by Pallavi’s crue brothers, the two decide to return to their families and do as they demand. Will their families ever forgive them, though? This movie shows the tough decision of needing to do what is unwanted to save the peace and how that sometimes backfires. The film is a great romance.

  8. Tere Naam.” Nirjala’s family demands that she marry a wealthy man of her own class, despite her love for Radhe, a violent but loving man from a lower caste. After one brutal fight, Radhe awakens in a mental institution with no memory of his former life. Can Nirjala help him become Radhe become himself once again? This film shows how love knows no boundaries. It is a wonderful Indian romance film.

  9. Raja Hindustani.” Despite being from different social classes, Raji and Aarti marry. While their families claim to accept the match, they are secretly plotting to destroy the couple. The film shows how even the strongest love can be put to extreme tests, making it one of the best Indian romance movies.

  10. Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein.” Madhav loves Reena so much that he decides to impersonate her fiancé. When Reena finds out about the deception, though, she is devastated. Left with a broken heart for which only he can blame himself, Madhav leaves India to start new, but will he ever be able to forget Reena? This film is a great romantic movie.