A list of 10 romantic Hindi movies is easy to make because romance is a popular theme for Hindi movies. It’s the top seller in Hindi movie industry, popularly called Bollywood. "Dream Girl" and "Ek Dooje Ke Liye" made in 1977 and 1981 respectively are among the all-time-favorite Hindi romances. However, in the late 1980's and early 1990's, Bollywood made several family-centric romantic movies.  

  1. "Dream Girl" - Sapna is the perfect woman for Anupam. He recognizes Sapna from a portrait of a woman, bought at roadside and wants her desperately. Sapna and Anupam fall in love. However, Sapna’s past haunts her and threatens to break the bonds of love. In the end everything is set right for a happy ending.

  2. "Ek Duje Ke Liye" - Sapna and Vasu are from different cultures, but fall in love to the dislike of their families. However, the two families put them to test by ordering separation. While they are separated, Vasu misunderstands a conversation he overhears and decides to marry another woman. However, truth is revealed and Vasu rushes to meet Sapna. Regardless, the two are killed in a bloody fight with the villain.

  3. "Ashiqui" - Rahul and Anu meet accidentally and fall in love. Rahul helps Anu to escape an oppressive convent and establish herself as a model and Anu helps him to settle as a singer. Due to a misunderstanding, Anu and Rahul part ways. However, there’s a reunion in the end.

  4. "Chandni" - Chandni, a middle class girl falls in love with a rich boy, Rohit. Rohit suffers an accident and is handicapped in both legs. To the dislike of Rohit’s family, Chandni nurses him. Rohit pushes Chandni out of his life because his family is treating her badly. Chandni decides to get married to another man. Chandni’s fiancée meets Rohit in Europe where he is rehabilitated. As Rohit returns to Chandni’s life, things go haywire. But in the end Chandni and Rohit get married.

  5.  "Qyamat Se Ayamat Tak" - Raj and Rashmi belong to warring families. Rashmi and Raj fall in love and the feud is fired again. They elope and make a life for themselves. The families find out and in the ensuing fight, a bullet hits Rashmi. Grief-struck, Raj kills himself.

  6. "Maine Pyar Kiya" - Suman and Prem’s fathers are childhood friends, but only one makes it big. They fall in love to the dismay of Prem’s dad. Prem’s dad believes that Suman is framing Prem for the wealth. But, Prem goes after Suman and proves his worth. In the end, the fathers restore their friendship and the lovers are united.

  7. "Hum Apke Hai Kaun" - Nisha and Prem fall in love during the wedding of their older siblings, Pooja and Rajesh. Prem confides in Pooja, but before anything can take-off; Pooja dies accidentally, leaving an infant behind. As fate has it, Nisha is doomed to get married to Rajesh to care for the baby.  As the end nears, everything is perfected and Nisha and Prem get married.

  8. "Dilwale Dulhaniya le Jayenge" - Simran’s marriage has been fixed with Kuljeet in India. But she falls in love with Raj. Once Simran’s family finds out, they leave for India immediately. Raj follows them. In a melodramatic setting, Raj impresses Simran’s family. However, as Kuljeet seeks revenge, a bloody fight ensues. Finally, the lovers are united.

  9. "Kuch Kuch Hota Hai" - Anjali Sharma and Rahul are best friends at school. While Sharma falls in love with Rahul; Rahul is already in love with Tina. Tina dies in child birth, delivering a girl, also named Anjali. At the age of eight Anjali realizes that her dad is lonely and should be reunited with Sharma. However, Sharma is engaged to another man named Aman. The twist of fate leads to a melodramatic reunion of Sharma and Rahul.

  10. "Hum Tum" - Karan Kapoor and Rhea Prakash meet on a flight, but Kapoor’s flirting causes fallout. However, they meet once again. This time Rhea is marrying another man. And so their war with each other continues. Destiny brings Kapoor and Rhea together once again, this time as friends. The friendship ends in a night of passion. After which, the couple splits again until they are united forever.