10 Of The Oldest Criminals In Cinema History

Wednesday, November 2 by

Old People – Cocoon

CRIME: Breaking and Entering; Trespassing; Assault and Battery on an Alien

The old people in Cocoon don’t care about anyone except themselves. When the residents of the retirement community learn that a magical pool next door can rejuvenate them, they’re over ther faster than you can say Metamucil. Before long they’re breaking doors, using up magical energy juice, and cracking open alien cocoons. It’s a good thing their parents aren’t around to see them behaving in such a way.

Miss Daisy – Driving Miss Daisy

CRIME: Driving Without A License

Miss Daisy is lucky that her erratic driving doesn’t land her in jail. Though she’s reticent to the idea of hiring a driver, her son much prefers that option over having he drive through the Piggly Wiggly.

Lo PanBig Trouble In Little China

CRIME: Evil Sorcery

Lo Pan tops this list due to both his deviousness and age. He goes around blinding, kidnapping, and even sacrificing people. Pretty intense activities for an 800 year old. When does he nap?

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