10 Of The Oldest Criminals In Cinema History

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Rosie – The Wedding Singer

CRIME: Counterfeiting; Improper Handling of Meatballs

It’s in direct violation of New Jersey law to handle a meatball with your bare hands, let alone attempt to use them as currency.

Vito Corleone – The Godfather

CRIME: Murder and Racketeering

Vito Corleone built his life and fortune from illegal wrongdoings. He built an empire in the process that lead to the murder of countless family members and associates. Also, by the end, he’s really, really old.

Kurt Dussander – Apt Pupil

CRIME: Nazi Stuff

Nazi war criminal Kurt Dussander attempts to hide in plain sight in suburban southern California. However, he does a terrible job of it and is found out by a teenaged neighbor, a hobo, and an elderly death camp survivor. Sheesh. Talk about a sloppy Nazi. By the end, despite his elderly age, he kills the hobo in his basement. Surprisingly, that’s illegal.

Loc Dog’s Grandma – Don’t Be A Menace To South Central While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood

CRIME: Marijuana Smoking

Loc Dog’s granny was treating her glaucoma well before California legalized marijuana for medicinal usage. And look at the size of that jay! This perfectly explains why my grandmother keeps making me repeat myself and calls me by the wrong name.

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