Finding the 10 movies with the most sex in them is actually a bit harder than you'd think. Considering that sex has been a central part of film ever since before the 1920's, one needs to do quite a bit of research in order to find the movies with the most sex scenes ever. If you like it hot, then here are the movies with the most sex in them.

"Irreversible" (2002). This French film is infamous for having one of the longest and most controversial sex scenes ever. Monica Bellucci's character is tackled and subsequently sodomized in the middle of a dark hallway for a grueling 10 minutes, where the camera does not even waver.

"Caligula" (1979). When you're making a movie about the most hedonistic ruler in Rome's history, you know it's going to be one of the movies with the most sex ever. Orgies are depicted in full view of the audience, with many shots so explicit that it's rumored that the actors are actually having sex on camera.

"Antichrist" (2009). You know it's going to get steamy when a film opens with a couple getting down in the shower. This art-house erotic film stars only three people, including Willem Dafoe, and tells the tale of a couple who uses sex as a method to cope with their woes. If you're looking for some of the most graphic sex scenes, and scenes of genital mutilation, caught on film, rent this one.

"Zandalee" (1991). This steamy flick is basically, for lack of better terms, porn with actually famous people. With the likes of Marisa Tomei, Steve Buscemi, and Nicholas Cage all having some screen presence, this is easily one of the best movies with the most sex in it. Twisted love triangles set amidst the backdrop of New Orleans? Yes please.

"Eyes Wide Shut" (1999). What would you expect from the man behind "A Clockwork Orange?" Probably one of the movies with the most sex scenes ever, probably. Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman are a upper-class couple who indulge in almost every fantasy ever in this scandalous romp through hedonistic pleasures with one of the best orgy scenes ever.

"Color of Night" (1994). In this head-tripping thriller, Bruce Willis stars as a psychoanalyst who finds himself in more than one sticky bedroom situation. The numerous love scenes in this movie are graphic enough to almost be considered pornographic, and there's no shortage of amazing bare bodies during this film's running time.

"Kids" (1995). This audacious film might have the some of the raunchiest sex scenes ever, which is odd because it was meant to be a cautionary tale. Telling an unabridged version of teenage sex, this film pulls no punches with its explicit sex scenes. Despite the title, put the kids to bed before watching this.

"Water Drops on Burning Rocks" (2000). This under-appreciated French film tells a sordid tale of 1970's Germany through the eyes of a bisexual 20-year-old. The sex scenes are equal parts beautiful and heart-wrenching as you watch the protagonist slowly discover himself through a series of trysts. Easily one of the movies with the most sex in it.

"The Center of The World" (2001). Oddly enough, this is from the same director of "The Joy Luck Club." This film tells the tale of an apathetic entrepreneur who suddenly decides to indulge in every one of his carnal desires over a period of three days. The sex scenes are so steamy, you'll definitely need to open some windows.

"Y Tu Mama Tambien" (2001). This Spanish film about adolescent sexual discovery is no doubt one of the movies with the most sex scenes ever. With twosomes, threesomes, and plenty of oral pleasure, nobody believed it when its director, Cuaron, would later direct the third film in the "Harry Potter" franchise.