One hundred, fifty, or even twenty would be easy but narrowing down to a list of ten movies with most sex scenes is a challenge to say the least. Any sexy film worth viewing has its fair share of sex scenes so this list is entirely subjective. Still, it’s hard to find a good excuse to not watch a racy picture when given the opportunity.  Here’s your chance.

  1. “9 ½ weeks” (1986). A young and sexy Mickey Rourke and an even sexier Kim Basinger get together many times in this erotic thriller. Created before the age of the internet broke down all taboos, this movie is packed with sex scenes and light S&M action.

  2. “Going Places”(1974). This French film is full of sex scenes that are both erotic and shocking. Well ahead of its time, the movie takes a casual look at sexual encounters. G-Spots, multiple sex partners, breast milk fetish and bi-curious behavior are all touched on as the two main characters travel the French countryside.

  3. “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”(1982). This wild and fun romp through the 1980’s teen-age American landscape is loaded with sex scenes from beginning to end. Phoebe Cates' fantasy sequence is practically a pre-3D dream that guys are likely to be wanking to forever.

  4. “Porky’s” (1982). Thinking about getting laid, trying to get laid, and actually getting laid are the main goals of this film. Set in the 1950’s American South, these horny teens tease, spy on and stroke each other into a frenzy in multiple scenes. Even the adults get a chance to go wild in one particularly sweaty equipment room chock full of boy’s jock straps.

  5. “Exterminating Angels”(2006). A French flick full of light erotica, it explores female sexuality in a very visceral way. Girl-on-girl action runs rampant in this movie during sex scene after sex scene of masturbation and mutual penetration. To its credit, the film is as much an exploration of emotion as it is erotica.

  6. “Angel Heart”(1987). In a movie this disjointed it can be difficult to remember the sex scenes. Censored for its graphic content at the time, the sex scenes are short and explicit. A glimpse of writhing bodies, glistening skin and some blood are about all you can process before they are over.  

  7. “Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love”(1996). There are so many sex scenes in this movie that it was banned in India and Pakistan at the time of its release. Borrowing its title from the classic Indian text, both heterosexual and homosexual scenes are featured. The scenes aren’t overly explicit but they are certainly erotic.

  8. “The End of the Affair” (1999). Oscar caliber actress Julianne Moore gets naked more than a few times in this film. Based on a pair of lovers carrying on a secret affair, there is something about sneaking around that seems to make the sex seem so good. The scenes are steamy and plenty satisfying.

  9. “Boogie Nights” (1997). It only makes sense that a movie about the porn business has several sex scenes. This movie may even have the most sex scenes on this list. Actors play porn stars and a few real porn stars get their chance to become an actress playing a porn star in this rollicking film loosely based on the exploits of American porn legend John Holmes.

  10. “Last Tango in Paris”(1972). This controversial sexually charged Italian movie is full of sex scenes and sexual innuendo. The movie has been censored or banned in various locales around the world and is considered graphic in its depiction and pursuit of sexual subject matter. A kinky, or conversely sexually abusive, anal intercourse scene remains the cornerstone of this film’s infamy.