Movies, especially in America, tend to shy away from sex; these 10 movies with good sex scenes do anything but. These movies are from different eras, but something links them, a steamy quality missing from most movies of this or any other time. Erotic, exotic, and at times just plain fun, here is our list of movies with good sex scenes:

  1. "Mulholland Drive" - The lesbian tryst between Naomi Watts and Laura Elena Herring happens innocently enough. When Watts' character asks Herring's if she's ever done this before, the amnesiac replies, "I don't know." It is possibly the hottest moment of doubt captured on film, making "Mulholland Drive" top the list of movies with good sex scenes.

  2. "Basic Instinct" - This movie was sold on its sex scenes featuring Sharon Stone at her hottest. No list of movies with good sex scenes could go without the nineties' seminal erotic thriller.

  3. "An American Werewolf in London" - What one does not expect from a comedic horror film about a tourist infected with lycanthropy is a good sex scene, but the love scene between British girl Jenny Agutter and protagonist David Naughton is surprisingly hot. It may be the most unexpected entry on this list of movies with good sex scenes.

  4. "Out of Sight" - The whole movie is basically a classic film flirtation between two of the era's most bankable sex icons, George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez. When the seduction finally occurs, it makes the wait leading up to it even better.

  5. "Boys Don't Cry" - This unconventional scene is also one of the most erotic; Hilary Swank plays Brandon Teena, a woman trying to pass as a man. When she seduces Chloe Sevigny and goes down on her, taking her as a lover, it automatically ranks this film on any list of movies with good sex scenes.

  6. "Risky Business" - A young Rebecca DeMornay and an even younger Tom Cruise, as a hooker and her teenage client, enter every teenage boy's fantasy land in this film. It is another comedy featuring good sex scenes.

  7. "Don't Look Now" - One of the most infamous sex scenes in film history occurs in this seventies drama. Real-life couple Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie engage in one of the most graphic depictions of lovemaking in film to date.

  8. "Y Tu Mama Tambien" - This erotically charged Mexican comedy offers a number of good sex scenes. The climactic one will offer many viewers quite a surprise.

  9. "The Big Easy" - A throwback sort of detective story featuring Dennis Quaid as a New Orleans cop, "The Big Easy" is as steamy as the city where it is set. Ellen Barkin is his match in this entry on the list of movies with good sex scenes.

  10. "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" - The final film on the list of movies with good sex scenes captures everything that is awkward about being a teenager, from not lasting long enough to being caught masturbating. The best eighties teen sex comedy closes out our list.