10 Movies That Make Hacking Look Surprisingly Easy

Monday, September 26 by

Sneakers – Richard Nixon‘s Personal Assets

Not only can the team in Sneakers hack into the FAA, Nixon’s assets, and the national power grid, they also hacked into a blind guy’s memory. Then again, they had an algorithm to help.

Wargames – Supercomputer That Controls War

It’s comforting to know that a teenager can gain access to a military supercomputer and nearly cause a WWIII missile crisis. It’s even more refreshing that he successfully hacked into it by accident.

Independence Day – Alien Mothership

You would think that an advanced race of alien invaders resistant to nuclear attack and capable of wiping out every major city around the globe would have some Firewall or, at the very least, some Anti-Virus software capabilities. But no. Their mothership is apparently susceptible to a Windows ’95 virus and, in the end, that’s what brings them down.

The Core – Every Computer Everywhere

When the Earth’s core stops its rotation, the last thing you want is everyone freaking out about it and trying to move to the moon. That’s why you need to control the information released to the public. And the only real way to do that is to hire one single hacker who can monitor and control all of the Internet to make sure the story doesn’t get out. Meanwhile, you simply build a multi-compartmental laser drill out of unobtainium that will allow you to bore through to the Earth’s center and plant nuclear bombs. Sounds hard but apparently it’s easy and can all be done from an Internet cafe.

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