10 Movies That Make Hacking Look Surprisingly Easy

Monday, September 26 by

Antitrust – Evil Corporation

Any successful media company has its fair share of security. And successful EVIL media companies have even more to hide. It’s true, they were hacked from within. But isn’t that also where all the bad guys hang out? Don’t all get up at once!

Live Free Or Die HardA Building Is Hacked Until It Explodes

Timothy Olyphant is badass in the virtual world as well. His character hacks into the power grid, Wall Street, a television channel and even redirects the flow of natural gas lines into a building which causes it to explode. The moral: don’t piss off Timothy Olyphant.

The Matrix – The Matrix

The guardians of a simulated virtual reality created by sentient machines to subdue the human race while using them as a food supply should definitely have a strong encryption. Otherwise, they’ll the embarrassment of the sentient machine community.

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