10 Movies That Make Hacking Look Surprisingly Easy

Monday, September 26 by

If movies have taught me anything, it is that with enough practice, I can learn to hack into anything. It doesn’t even need to be computer-related. Something lame on television? Hack the channel. Cat stuck in a tree? Hack the roots to influence the branches to bend and gently place the cat on the ground. It’s so easy!

I was lead to this belief by the popular films that feature hackers doing what seems to be the impossible. Here are some films that show us that government agencies, corporations and even alien space ships are surprisingly easy to hack.

The Italian Job – Los Angeles Traffic Grid

Getting places in Los Angeles can be a bitch. But as The Italian Job shows, things are much worse when a hacker takes over and controls all of the traffic lights. Plus, he was able to do it over a T-Mobile Hotspot at LAX.

Hackers – Oil Tankers

The gang in this movie is on the run because they possess a code that can capsize oil tankers. Why would that code exist? It’s not like oil tankers have big, red ‘CAPSIZE’ buttons on them. I hope.

Ocean’s 11Casino Security

With millions of dollars passing through them everyday, casinos need top of the line security. With out it, they could find themselves easily duped by a hacker who redirects their video feed, which could allow for the dreaded “tiny Asian man in a box” scam.

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