10 Movies About Bullying

Wednesday, July 20 by Karen Murdock
  •  “Weird Science” (1985). Poor Gary and Wyatt endure bullying from everybody, including Wyatt’s older brother Chet. If only they had a hot girlfriend, their fortunes could change. The two geeks hack into an Air Force computer to create the woman of their dreams, and thanks to an electrical storm, they succeed. The supernatural Lisa helps these two losers find their courage and win the day.
  • “Joe Somebody” (2001). If you think it sucked to be bullied as a kid, imagine being bullied in front of your kids. That is exactly what Joe Scheffer suffers in this movie about adult bullying, when his daughter witnesses his utter humiliation at the hands on the office bully. Just like “The Karate Kid,” he must learn martial arts and redeem himself.
  • “Three O’Clock High” (1987). For all those class nerds out there who ever had to man up and face a bully, “Three O’Clock High” is the movie about bullying for you. Poor geek Jerry will do anything to avoid the big three o’clock fight with the insane, not-so-aptly named “Buddy.”
  • “Hearts in Atlantis” (2001). Confronting a bully can change your life forever, as this movie adapted from a Stephen King novella shows when an elderly drifter played by Anthony Hopkins reads the mind of a local bully and reveals he is covering a big secret: he is a cross-dresser.
  • Rocky V” (1990). This fifth installment in the “Rocky” franchise passes the fighting torch, when Junior trains to fight a bully. Just like Rocky, his son is inspired to do the impossible and stand up for himself. You might feel inspired, too.
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