If a bully has ever tormented you at school or work, watch these 10 movies about bullying and know you are not alone. Some of the heroes and heroines in these movies about bullies will inspire you with their courage and grit, while others will make you cringe with their twisted revenge plots. You might even learn a thing or two about what makes bullies tick.

  1. “Big Bully” (1996). In this age of social network sites, you can track down childhood bullies—and victims—from afar. But what if you confronted them face-to-face? “Big Bully,” starring Rick Moranis and Tom Arnold, explores that very question and comes up with the answer you secretly dread: little bullies grow up to be big bullies.

  2. “Mean Girls” (2004). Lest you think all bullies are boys, check out “Mean Girls” to see how evil teen girls can be. Lindsey Lohan stars as Cady Heron, the new girl at school who is totally clueless thanks to growing up in Africa with home-schooling parents. She infiltrates the female bullies of the popular “plastics” clique, seeking revenge after one of them steals her crush.

  3. “Heathers” (1989). Before there was “Mean Girls” there was “Heathers.” In this classic movie about bullying, three queen-bee Heathers bully a chubby girl by calling her “Dumptruck,” but they don’t get away with it. Enter Veronica, played by Winona Ryder, and Jason Dean, played by Christian Slater. Veronica and Jason inflict the ultimate punishment on these mean-girl bullies, murdering them one by one.

  4. “The Karate Kid” (1984). For an empowering, uplifting movie about bullying, nothing beats “The Karate Kid”—literally. You will cheer for Ralph Maccio as Daniel LaRusso, a Jersey kid who moves to California and finds himself bullied by a karate gang known as the Cobras. When elderly gardener Miyagi intervenes to teach Daniel karate, he learns what karate really means—and defeats the bullies.

  5. “Chicken Little” (2005). Everyone loved cartoons as a kid, so let this animated movie about bullying tap into your inner child. You may just recognize yourself when poor Chicken Little endures ridicule for his false alarm that the “sky is falling.”

  6.  “Weird Science” (1985). Poor Gary and Wyatt endure bullying from everybody, including Wyatt’s older brother Chet. If only they had a hot girlfriend, their fortunes could change. The two geeks hack into an Air Force computer to create the woman of their dreams, and thanks to an electrical storm, they succeed. The supernatural Lisa helps these two losers find their courage and win the day.

  7. “Joe Somebody” (2001). If you think it sucked to be bullied as a kid, imagine being bullied in front of your kids. That is exactly what Joe Scheffer suffers in this movie about adult bullying, when his daughter witnesses his utter humiliation at the hands on the office bully. Just like “The Karate Kid,” he must learn martial arts and redeem himself.

  8. “Three O’Clock High” (1987). For all those class nerds out there who ever had to man up and face a bully, “Three O’Clock High” is the movie about bullying for you. Poor geek Jerry will do anything to avoid the big three o’clock fight with the insane, not-so-aptly named “Buddy.”

  9. “Hearts in Atlantis” (2001). Confronting a bully can change your life forever, as this movie adapted from a Stephen King novella shows when an elderly drifter played by Anthony Hopkins reads the mind of a local bully and reveals he is covering a big secret: he is a cross-dresser.

  10. Rocky V” (1990). This fifth installment in the “Rocky” franchise passes the fighting torch, when Junior trains to fight a bully. Just like Rocky, his son is inspired to do the impossible and stand up for himself. You might feel inspired, too.