10 Movie Foods More Disgusting Than The McRib

Monday, October 24 by

Ray Liotta’s Brain – Hannibal

When I think of the least offensive brains to eat, Ray Liotta’s is near the top of the list. He doesn’t seem to have any mental illnesses, and as best I can tell, he doesn’t have any abnormal shapes that could be indicative of some necrotic protuberance. However, a brain is a brain. And a human brain is the least appealing type of brain. I would eat a wing or a thigh off of Liotta, but consumption of any human brain just seems to have a little too much baggage for my tastes.

Hannibal appears to be a hell of a cook, but I would need more than garlic and butter to choke that shit down.

The Human Centipede Diet – The Human Centipede

Of course, the human centipede is a creation of two or more people sewed together ass-to-mouth so that they share a digestive tract. It’s foul. I don’t have a whole lot of clever commentary here. Having someone shit in your mouth is disgusting, and it’s worse than a McRib. It’s worse than everything, pretty much, unless of course you fed the human centipedes nothing but McRibs.

Napoleon’s Pocket Tots – Napoleon Dynamite

Tater tots are a delicious fried treat. I would eat most any tot no matter where they came from. However, eating ANYTHING out of Napoleon Dynamite’s pocket is just repulsive. I’m not a Napoleon Dynamite enthusiast by any stretch, but I nonetheless feel objective in saying that his pockets are probably filled with some gross stuff. An inch of lint, at least, but also probably really old, crusty mayonnaise, a few of those dirty Wacky Wall Walkers, and some fingernail clippers/clippings.

Napoleon’s pocket tots receive negative two Michelin stars.

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