10 Movie Foods More Disgusting Than The McRib

Monday, October 24 by

Snickers Bar On The Ground – The Monster Squad

In one of the opening scenes of this fine, fine film, a corpulent boy named Horace is being harassed by a roustabout when the bad-boy-with-a-heart-of-gold Rudy intervenes. Finding that the bully stomped on Horace’s Snickers bar, Rudy makes the bully (Wayne Arnold) pick the bar off the ground and eat it.

It’s not quite as gross as anything else on this list, but when I was seven, this was the most disgusting thing I had ever seen. I was such a dumb kid.

Live Squid – Oldboy

Oldboy, after being contained in a single room for 15 years, is released into the world a little crazier than when he left, as evidenced by his entry into a sushi bar, maintained by his soon-to-be love interest, ordering “something alive.”

He gets a whole squid and pops the whole thing in his mouth before passing out. I get chills just from thinking about eating that. I would rather eat TWO McRibs than that live squid.

They have hard beaks, you know.

Aunt Bethany’s Jell-O Mold – Christmas Vacation

Jell-O molds are gross. Aunt Bethany is gross. Cat food is gross. Aunt Bethany, with her gross old hands, made a Jell-O mold that contains a lot of cat food. The gang politely eats it, seemingly more concerned that she boxed up her cat as a gift, which is actually pretty awesome.

Monkey Brains/Eyeball Soup – Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

I’m only tolerant of other cultures up to a point. Monkey brains are absolutely disgusting, even when “chilled.” That doesn’t make them better. It makes them slushy and weird. The fact that they’re served out of a skull is a nice touch presentation-wise, but the same effect could be achieved with some co-centric circles of beet puree and chive oil on a square plate.

I don’t think eyeball soup is a real thing either. Eyeballs don’t have a lot of flavor. A bull penis or placenta would impart a much earthier flavor into the broth.

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