10 Movie Foods More Disgusting Than The McRib

Monday, October 24 by
Feel free to wash it down with some water. 

The McRib may be “back,” but it never left my heart. As such, I decided to celebrate this BBQ pork cake’s return to the national consciousness by presenting a handful of movie foods that are somehow grosser than this pressed pig thing that’s covered with raw onions and pickles.

I managed to get through this whole article without grossing myself out, then I came back to write the intro, and that McRib description just made my stomach turn. At any rate, here are 10 movie foods more disgusting than the McRib. Bon appétit.

Auntie Lee’s Meat Pies – Auntie Lee’s Meat Pies


Well, that secret’s out. I suppose that if I was to eat a person, a meat pie wouldn’t be the worst way to do it. It’s better than human sashimi. For those mercifully unfamiliar, Auntie Lee would lure drifters to her trap using hot girls, then grind them up for her pies. I suppose it’s not so gross considering they’re free-range drifters, rather than drifters kept in a cage and loaded with hormones, but still. You could use Niman Ranch pork and no one would know the difference, Auntie Lee!

Plus, anyone who orders a meat pie deserves whatever they get. Yeah, that’s right Britain. I said it.

Fetus Dumplings – Dumplings

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