These 10 movie drinking games are a great way to relax with your friends before heading out to party. Or, it could even be the serious focus of the evening. Regardless the ultimate intentions of the evening, turning a great film into a great drinking game is one of the best ways to spend a night with friends.

  1. "Top Gun." Drink every time Tom Cruise appears wearing sunglasses. This is a variation on one of the most popular movie drinking games.

  2. "Donnie Darko." Chug a beer whenever Frank the Bunny Rabbit appears or is mentioned. This will help with the creeps that he inevitably gives watchers of that movie.

  3. "Independence Day." Drink whenever the President (Bill Pullman) adjusts his tie or has his shirt collar undone. Is there a reason for him to always look so disheveled? This is a great movie drinking game.

  4. "Transformers" and "Transformers 2." Drink when Megan Fox says or does something sexy, because it is so painful not to have her. This is guaranteed to get the whole crowd drunk, and is one of the most thoroughly enjoyable movie drinking games out there.

  5. "Men in Black." Whenever Will Smith's character is made fun of in some way, drink. Anything involving Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, and a drinking game has to be a good time.

  6. "Love, Actually." If anyone kisses at any point, you must drink for as long as they were kissing. This movie drinking game can be confusing, so make sure everyone is paying attention to the length of the kiss. A stopwatch may be helpful.

  7. "Garden State." When Andrew Largeman, Zach Braff's character, blinks his eyelids, everyone must drink.

  8. "Good Will Hunting." Whenever anyone in the room laughs at a joke, everyone must drink. Also, whenever Robin Williams touches his massive beard, everyone must drink. This movie drinking game would likely be well appreciated by the characters in the film.

  9. "Star Wars." Drink whenever the words "Imperial" or "Empire" are spoken. This can be applied to all three of the original trilogy films, including Empire Strikes Back and the Return of the Jedi. A variation on this movie drinking game would be to chug a beer every time The Force is mentioned.

  10. "Lord of the Rings Trilogy." Drink whenever any main character besides a Hobbit appears without weapon