When looking for the 10 most shocking movies of all time there are several factors to take into consideration. Certainly gore can shock an audience and that is why it is usually inserted in the first place. Of course, being shocked can merely mean that what we believed we knew about the story has been turned on its ear. This list includes gross-out movies that went for the big shock as well as films that went a direction we quite frankly just didn't see coming.

  1. "Requiem For a Dream" A cautionary tale about drug use in general. One of the most darkly disturbing and depressing movies of all time. Three young kids start out experimenting with heroin and find themselves quickly addicted. As their lives spin out of control one of the kid's mother also becomes addicted to diet medication leading to a downward spiral all her own.

  2. "Human Centipede" This would fit into the gore category of shocking as a mad German doctor dews people together, face to anus in order to complete his shocking creation.

  3. "Hostel" This film was so shocking that it spurned a new movie genre. "Torture Porn" was born from a movie where some American kids travel to a European bordello only to find that they are the victims of a torture house for wealthy sadists.

  4. "Saw" Eli Roth loves him some gore. He also loves to shock his audience, so its no wonder that he directed two movies on this list. Hostel went one way, but Saw went another. A film where a psychopath's victims have to commit unspeakable acts in order to go free. If they don't they die. This has spawned about a billion sequels, all a shadow of the original.

  5. "Salo" Perhaps this was actually the grandaddy of torture porn. Set in a WWII concentration camp, prisoners are butchered in remarkably shocking ways including getting their tongues split down the middle.

  6. "Hard Candy" The first almost gore free shocker on our list. Hard Candy is about a young girl (Ellen Page) who seems to be hooking up with an older man under the guise of taking her picture. Turns out he is a known pedophile and Ellen's character sought him out to exact some revenge for those children which he has molested. Finding out that she knew all along and turns the tables on the abuser is something you really don't see coming until it is there.

  7. "The Usual Suspects" Who is Keyser Soze? Of course almost everyone knows now, but when Kevin Spacey abandoned his gimpy walk at the end of the movie, showing the audience that he was the kingpin of crime in the movie, there were audible gasps in the audience.

  8. "Audition" A Japanese gore-fest, starting about halfway through. Initially it is cast as a romance schlock-fest but takes a decidedly left turn into "ohmygodwhatisshedoing!?" land.

  9. "Deliverance" Banjo music was forever tarnished when this movie was released. The graphic man-on-man rape scene in this movie is burned into the brains of people who have never even seen the movie.  It's that shocking!

  10. "Clockwork Orange" The sheer vileness of the characters in this movie are what is truly shocking. Rarely do movies reach the level of the books they are based on, but Stanley Kubrick did a fantastic job of bringing this Sci-Fi tale to life and finding a way to still shock those who knew the story ahead of time.