Do you want to watch the 10 most scary movies of all time? Sit down and look at the movies listed below for some of the best spine chilling movies to date. You will not be disappointed at the 10 most scary movies that made this list. Well you might get a tad bit SCARED.

  1. "Aracnophobia." If you are afraid of spiders then watch the 1990 film starring John Goodman. Flying spiders are the worst but Goodman comes to the rescue with a blowtorch in “Arachnophobia.” This is one of the best scary spider movies however it will make you laught with John Goodman at the wheel of everything.

  2. "The Innocents." Looking back to 1961 gave insanity a whole other identity. The film “The innocents” deals with ghosts and insanity. The nanny protects a couple creepy kids while seeing things no one seems to think is real. On the other hand, is it? Remember what seems real isn't always there. This is a top scary movie because of the suspense.

  3. "Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2." The year 2000 bought viewers “Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2.” The book gives viewers insight to the unknown workings of the dark side of witchcraft. A truly scary movie that keeps you wanting more. Anyone who loves or wants to learn about witchcraft should watch this scary movie.

  4. "The Blob." In 1988 movie “The Blob” viewers were left screaming thinking they were going to be eat alive. The blob did not care about humans or humor all they wanted to do was eat. Eat humans every chance they got.For young kids this was the ultimate scary movie because kids like playing with goey blobs.

  5. "Rosemary's Baby." The 1968 movie “Rosemary’s Baby” left women wondering if they should get pregnant. A young couple move into an apartment where bad things start to happen. Should they have moved into this apartment? Certainly not in this one apartment. This makes a top scary movie because of haunted houses. Everyone loves a good haunt and this movie has it all.

  6. "Dawn of the Dead." Do you want to laugh and be scared then watch the 2004 film “Dawn of the Dead?”  The world becomes a place for the undead with a few people taking up shop in a shopping mall for protection. These are some of the fastest zombies around. You won't get away from these zombies at least not until you die.

  7. "Pet Sematary." The 1989 film “Pet Sematary” leaves people wondering about ministers and their abilities to deliver people from evil. This movie really shows the dark side of human nature and what it means. No offense to ministers but this movie will make church people think twice.

  8. "Open Water." Don’t go near the “Open Water” if you are afraid of sharks. This film came out in 2003 and left people worried about being left out in the water. The couple was left out in the sea by accident and circled by sharks. Will they survive? Watch the movie to find out. Sharks are hungry too.

  9. Nightmare on Elm Street." Don’t go to sleep you might just have a “Nightmare on Elm Street.” A 1984 film that left teens afraid to go to sleep at night. If they fell asleep, Freddy would come into their dreams to kill them. Freddy has the worst set of sharp fingernails you will ever feel in your sleep. WAKE-UP, don't fall asleep!

  10. "Gate of Hell." Enter the gates of hell with the 1980 film “Gates of Hell.” A young girl disappears vomits up her intestines for one scary scene. This movie is one for those with a strong not weak stomach. Many gore scenes in this movie.  Enter the gates if you dare.