The powers that be in Hollywood know which age groups like to go to the theater which means there are many contenders for the list of the 10 most popular teen movies. Some popular teen movies are centered around love and dating while others go for horror or comedy. The great thing about teens is that if you give them enough popcorn, they are easily pleased. However these 10 movies are ones that stand out among the best that Hollywood has to offer.

  1. "American Pie" 1999. Every now and then a popular teen movie comes along that is so good that people of all ages watch it. This movie focused around four guys attempting to lose their virginity. One of them succeeded by having sex with a pie. 

  2. "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" 1986. Most people skip school at one time or another so it's not surprising that one of the most popular teen movies is centered around a kid who ditched school. Matthew Broderick is the fresh faced star and he takes skipping school to a whole new level. 

  3. "Heathers" 1989. Winona Ryder had yet to learn about shop lifting when this dark comedy became a box office hit. This movies was about the weird kids finally getting their revenge on the cool kids and a young Winona was the troubled soul at the center of attention. 

  4. "Dazed and Confused" 1993. This movie recapture high school life in the 1970s. The star studded cast shocked and amused movie goers as they tried to overcome everything that the decade could throw at them in terms of debauchery.  

  5. "Here on Earth" 2000. Chris Klein and Helen Hunt look-alike, Leelee Sobieski, starred in this film about a wayward teen who had a car crash that changed his life. The chemistry between the two was about as good as it gets and helped make it one of the most popular teen movies. 

  6. "Wayne's World" 1992. Mike Myers was not exactly a teen when he made this film but he did do a very good impression of one. This was not just a popular teen movie it was also one of the culturally defining films of the 1990s. We are not worthy to watch it. 

  7. "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" 1989. This film featured a young Keanu Reeves and in many respects is similar to the later and more popular "Wayne's World." Bill and Ted traveled "Doctor Who' style in a phone box and gathered a host of historical characters along the way. 

  8. "The Breakfast Club" 1985. Emilio Estevez leads an all star cast in this classic 80s movie about a bunch of kids who have to attend Saturday detention. The weird and wonderful characters clash at first but soon grow to like each other in what is still one of the most popular teen movies ever. 

  9. "Sixteen Candles" 1984. As the title suggest, this popular teen movie was centered around the main character's 16th birthday. Molly Ringwald starred in it, as she did in most films of the era, and despite it's cringe worthy moments it is a popular movie. 

  10. "Not Another Teen Movie" 2001. Well with a name like that it seems only fitting to end this list of the most popular teen movies. This hilarious comedy mocks the best parts of all of classic teen movies. Cheerleaders, nudity and a bit of whipped cream help make it a classic.